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Voice of Assenna: London Conference -Trust Building and Developing Vibrant Eritrean Community

Review overview
  • Gezae September 5, 2017

    A bird of the same feather flock / congregate together.

  • Natu September 6, 2017

    Once again a nonsense conference number x obviously with no concept, plan and fruit as always since Assena started ! Dear Assena, why donn’t you do things that make sense at all ?

    It only shows how cheap, ignorant and so low you see your people to entertain us with such soooooooooo boring improvisations, dear assena !!! Are there no more activities that bring fruits even to DIA who also needs a CHANGE?

    • Tewolde Reda September 6, 2017

      Why don’t you ask yourself as well man? before you criticise others, at list they are doing something. Useless! I am sure you are Eritrean right?