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VOICE OF ASSENNA: London Conference – Dr Bereket Berhane Re Trust Building Among Eritrean Youth

Review overview
  • Mahta September 22, 2017

    Smart remarks Dotere! If we can`t change our way of thinking changes will be far away!!

  • Berhe Tenseat September 23, 2017

    Your valuable contribution was listened by more than fifty people in peoples friendly cafe in Toronto and we we were very impressed with your presentation.
    Youth in diaspora are mostly uneducated and some how cowards and are not expected to be the motor for a change as in the past, and that is why the grandson of Bashai Lema treating the whole country as his own land to exploit its resources beyond any ones comprehension .
    Thank you very much.
    Death to the Tembenay and his coward officials.
    Milki yefres higi yinges, Amanuel Iyasu