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  • k.tewolde February 17, 2017

    I remember my grandfather telling me stories of the past,recounting sometimes drifting into the unknown as if he was not there with me,sometimes he mixes up the dates and the names of the characters in his story but they were moments I cherish dearly.The point,it is all recollection,it can’t be exact and precise, the human memory fades so does the names and places with it,I cannot even recall all the names and faces of the close combatants in my mejmuaa,fasila,quaa,Battalion and lua’e,every ambush,every offence,defense and retreat,how many fell,and how many wounded how many survived,but it is our story,we complete the puzzle by correcting the story teller like my grandma did to her loving husband by stating,’ATUM IZIA’A DA’A RESIE’KUMA DIKUM’,it shouldn’t be taken personal.We should focus on this one enemy who is humiliating us beyond explanation and fight to salvage our national pride and identity.

    • k.tewolde February 17, 2017

      To summarize,somebody stole our story and made it his own personal diary and is reciting it to our kids around his fireplace while the fathers are eating each other alive out in the cold.

  • My opinion February 18, 2017

    Tewelde, the sad thing about habtemariam’s narration is the truth that he delved into personal attacks against a family member and his family out of sheer personal vendetta. That was clearly displayed. That makes his presentation non-credible and the historical accounts he provided fiction.

    I probably have a lot of reasons to personally be at loggerheads with PFDJ. But it pains me to see individuals like Habtemariam add liability and harm to the movement through their actions and even the dirty laundry they carried from Mieda. I know first hand the pain he has caused to specific families in Eritrea under the guise of Jebha and … the number of terrorist killings he committed against specific family members just to settle his personal feud. We can’t let such personalities hijack the movement and use it to disguise their past. After all, it drags the movement and places us in the same spot like the one we despise every minute. The dirty laundry will not be in hiding forever just because the victims of the atrocities are long gone, some for the sake of the very Natsnet! Many waiting to see the return of Habtemariam to a place where they can settle their differences. It is an interesting country that we care for.

    For Assenna, please carry out your journalistic duties properly. Be a role model as you are not an amateur to the field. Thank you for all the dedication.

    • k.tewolde February 18, 2017

      I couldn’t agree more,that is why I said it is our story ,we know each other,the true colors and shady characters reveal themselves over time,nobody lives in disguise,it is up to us to expose them regardless where they were.

  • Rafael February 18, 2017

    ኣብ ኣሰና ብዚሕ ዝጠቅም መሃሪ ታሪኻዊ ዝኾነ ቃለ መሕተት ሰሚዔ ኣለኹ፣ ንኣብነት በዓል ተጋዳላይ የማነ ተኽለ ገርግሽን ክብሮም ዳፍላን ወዘተ። ኮይኑ ግና እዚ ሎሚ ቕነ ብ ሃብተማርያም ኣብርሃ ክንፍስ ዝቐነየ፣ ገለ ክፋሉ ናይ ገለ ድኹም ዝኾነ ድሕረ ባይትኡ ዝሕብር ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ፣ ንኻለኦት ሓርበርኛታትን ቀዳሞት ተጋደልቲ ማሕበር ሸውዓተ ማለት ምንቅስቓስ ሓርነት ኤርትራን፣ ነቲ ፈላሚ ሓርነታዊ ቃልሲ ማእሰርትን ሞትን ኮነ ኢሉ፤ ብናይ ብሕቲ ቤተሰባዊ ጽልኢ ጌሩ ንምቁንጻብን ንምትሓትን ዓላማ ዝነበሮ፣ ካብ ሽማግለ ዘይትጸበዮ፣ ዕሸላዊ ትያትር እዩ፣ ዝመስል።

    ኣብዚ ዘሕዝን ኣማኑኤል እያሱ ውን፣ ነዚ ናይ ብሕቲ ጽልኢ ቂም ቅንኢ ናይ ኣቶ ሃብተማርያም፣ ያኢ ቁምነገር ሓቂ ሓዘል መሲልዎ፣ ብገርሂ ይኹን ብፍላጥ፣ ኣብዛ ኣሰና ዘርጊሕዎ እዩ።
    ስለዚ እዚ ሃብተምርያም ዝበሃል ሰብ፣ መን እዩ፧ ኣብ ፖሊስ ኢትዮጵያ እንከሎ እንታይ ይሰርሕ ኔሩ፧ ስለምንታይ ተኣሲሩ፧ ኣብ ጀብሃ እንከሎ ዝፈጸሞ ተግባራት ኮነ እከያት ብፍላይ ኣብ ሓለዋ ሰውራ ኣብ ዝነበረሉ ግዜ፣ ኣብ ሸውዓተ ዓንሰባ፣ ሎጎጭዋ ቆላ ሰራየ፣ ብፍላይ ኣብ ገባርን ወሃዮ ስሩዓት ናይ ህዝባዊ ግምባርን ብጋህዲ ክቃላዕ ይግባእ። ከምዚ ኮይኑ ተሸፋፊኑ እንተደኣተሪፉ፣ እቲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝደልዮ ጥዑይ ፖለቲካዊ ለውጥን ሃዋሁን፣ ኣብ ኤርትራ ክመጽእ ተስፋ የልቦን። እቲ ሓቂ ታሪኽ ኤርትራ ውን ብመዓር እተለውሰ መርዚ ኮይኑ ይቐርብ ስለ ዘሎ፣ ከም በዓል ኣሰና ነቲ መንእሰይ ወለዶ ሓቀኛ ታሪኽ ኣብ ምዝንታው ይብድለኦ ከይህልዋ ይፈርህ እየ።

    ምስጋና ንኣሰና ብዛዕባ ስርዓት ገድልን ገለ ተቓወምቲ ኢና ዝብሉ ተበለጽትን ብዙሕ ተማሂርና ኢና። ኮይኑ ግን ብዛዕባ በዓል ሃብተማርያም ኣብ ሓለዋ ሰውራ ጀብሃ ኮይኖም ዝፈጽምዎ ኣነዋሪ ፈላላዪ፣ ማእሰርቲ መግረፍትን ቅትለትን ቅንጸላን ግና ተወስ ኢልካ ተላዒሉ ኣይፍልጥን ጥራይ ዘይኮነ፤ በዓል ሃብተማርያም ሕጂ ውን ኣብ ኣሰና ተሸጉጦም ንኻለኦት ሓርበኛታት ጀጋኑ ሰባትን ስድራን ከጸልሙ ስለምንታይ ዕድል ተዋሂብዎም ዝብል እዩ፧ እቲ ሓቂ ታሪኽ ኤርትራ ውን ብመዓር እተለውሰ መርዚ ኮይኑ ይቐርብ ስለ ዘሎ፣ ከም በዓል ኣሰና ነቲ መንእሰይ ወለዶ ሓቀኛ ታሪኽ ኣብ ምዝንታው ይብድለኦ ከይህልዋ ይፈርህ እየ።

  • k.tewolde February 19, 2017

    Why is this individual interview given so much weight to elicit this much long harbored resentment and outright vendetta,folks how about the young blood that was spilled among brothers/sisters aka ‘wigi’e hadhid’,those thousands who are rotting in metal containers and underground dungeons,what about those tens of thousands of youngsters who perished in the border war,what about those who evaporated in the desert sun and continue to be sucked in the vortex of the sea,who is responsible? do they matter?shouldn’t we be focusing in unison to reverse this Armageddon and go after the perpetrators and bring them to justice or place judgment upon them? Or are we simply consumed with guilt ourselves? What is it? what is blinding us from seeing the monster in front of us who is spitting fire which is frying us alive? What…………!?

    • Gezae February 19, 2017

      We are in major debt due to civil-war for God’s sake so obviously we need to find different ways to handle the mess we’ve created. I understand that wars are cruel, bloody and violent almost in every occasion, but there is some kind of difference in civil war, to me they look as if they are even more violent than wars, it is like when two people of a same nation fight against each other they are even more violent more aggressive.

      However, if a genuine peace is in our home land we all would have much different views on this matter. Detaining, torturing, and killing is never the right answer especially if it’s of the innocent. Anyway, revenge is not justice. If our society is to love justice it must be free of revenge vigilantism. There is no justifiable situations in which killing of any kind is “okay” I know most families of victims of murder and torture would disagree, they would wish for the perpetrator to burn, be put to death, or tortured. Ironically though, these feelings of hate, anger, depression, and grief are predominantly the same feelings which caused the initial murder and torture; therefore, invalid and contradictory. All of which situations could have been solved much less violently and less destructive manner.

  • Debri February 20, 2017

    ኣንቱም ኣሰና :–
    ቀደምሲ እቲ ሽምኩም ክብረት ኔርዎ፣ ድሕሪ እዚ ቃለ መሕተት ናይ ኣይተ ሃብተማርያም ኣብራሃ ምስ ኩሉ ሓሶትን ጠቐነን ሓርበኛታት ክቡራት ስድራን ሊባን ምስ ሰማዕኩ ግና፤ ነውሪ ኣይግድን እብለኩም።

    ንኣይተ ሃብተማርያም ድማ ከም ኣመሉ ክሕሱን ታሪኽ ሓርበኛታ ናይ በዓል ኣቶ ስብሓት ክምንጥልን ክዝንጥልን እንተኾይኑ፣ ዓዲ ኣርሕቕ ኣቢሉ በዚ ሽራሮ ወልቃይት ዓዲ ዓጋመ፣ ከም ኣመሉ እንተዝሕሱን ዝኸትርን እምበር፣ ኣብ ከብዲ ዓዲ ኣብ ሎጎጭዋን ሓማሴን ኮይኑስ ኣየዋጽኦን እዩ።

    ከምቲ ምስላ ዝብሎ፥ ንዓሻ ሓሳዊ ማዕጾ ኣርሒኻ ተቐበሎ፤ ብድሕሪኡ ከም ክንቲት ክፈኩስ እዩ: ዝብልዎ፤ ኣይተ ሃብተማርያም በቲ ዝሃቦ ኣነዋሪ ናይ ፈጠራ ሓሶት ከም ክንቲት ሓሲሩን ተዋሪዱን እዩ።

    ኣሰና ድማ ሽማ ምእንቲ ክትሑሉ፣ ካብ ከምዚኦም ዝኣመሰሉ ወኻሩ ሓሰውቲ ናጻ ክትከውን ይግባእ።