Voice of Assenna: Intv with former Eritrean Police Negasi Sereke (Dembe Police) – Part 2



Review overview
  • Henok January 12, 2016

    terrible sound quality

  • Wedi Zere January 12, 2016

    Negasi my dear,
    What a man/// You are very impressive and bold enough to tell whole truth but nothing the truth that is happening in Eritrea today. I NEVER thought Eritrea produces a real man like you and keep doing what you are doing. Let alone telling like it is, we are known to twist, cover up and even worse defend the very mad criminal who perpetuated all the crimes against our people. Like any other dictatorships, the one we have in Eritrea that committed all the immeasurable and unpredictable atrocities for over 25 years too will be relegated to dustbin of history. I always thought we Eritreans are patriots who fight for justice and freedom but it turned out to be the absolute opposite and no wonder we are taunted and reproached by the international community for doing NOTHING even in the face of a total collapse and destruction of our people and nation that thousands paid the ultimate sacrifices for. Its an absolute disgrace.

  • Daniel January 15, 2016

    Merhaba Negasi,
    I am proud of you. You are very courageous person, keep fighting and you will
    not be alone. I am your supporter from Sweden.

  • Adulis January 15, 2016

    GOOD JOB, NEGASI! KEEP IT up. عاش من شافك!

  • meg January 15, 2016

    Dear brother thank you for keeping the sprit of Eritranzim. we are with you and pray for you. Thank you assena and dear Amanueal.