Voice of Assenna: Intv with Abba Mekonen Amanuel Re the Catholic Bishops Message, Monday, June 16, 2014



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  • Kombishtato June 17, 2014

    Fleeing Eritrea Only To Be Kidnapped In Sudan
    Tuesday 17th June 2014, www. crossrhythms.co.uk

    Paul Calvert spoke with Filmon, an Eritrean refugee in Israel
    Fleeing Eritrea Only To Be Kidnapped In Sudan

    Eritrea, an African nation bordered by Sudan, gained independence in 1991 and international recognition in 1993, becoming a member of the African Union and the United Nations. However, the ruling party, The People’s Front for Democracy and Justice and the president, Isaias Afewerki, have been in office since independence in 1993. National elections have been periodically scheduled and cancelled.

    In September 2001 the government closed down all of the nation’s privately owned print media and outspoken critics of the government have been arrested and held without trial, according to various international observers.

    Paul Calvert spoke with Filmon, one such outspoken critic and now an Eritrean refugee in Israel.

    Paul: How did you originally get to Israel?

    Filmon: I was a victim of kidnapping in Sudan. I was abducted and taken to Egypt, to the Sinai Peninsula to be more exact.

    Paul: You are originally from Eritrea; what was the situation like before you left Eritrea and why did you leave?
    Fleeing Eritrea Only To Be Kidnapped In Sudan

    Filmon: Horrible; that is one way of explaining it. The situation is really dire. People have lost their sense of freedom because there is a totalitarian state. We have a crazy dictator for a president and there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of worship; basically no freedom. You just do what you are told, or else. Those who defy the government by voicing their concern disappear. They literally disappear. The government has a net of informers, so even if you want to protest you cannot trust anyone because he has the country divided, questioning each others loyalty. He has brainwashed half the country to believe that the president himself is saving them from the cruelty of the world.

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  • jaber ali Hummad June 17, 2014

    Yes.Any priest is a God chosen voice of oppressed people.

  • Gura June 18, 2014

    Poor Higdef shamed at VOA:



  • Selamawi' June 18, 2014

    Great interview, great effort by Journalist Amanuel Eyasu, as usual.

    I suggest Assenna broadcast Abune Mekarios’ splendid audio-visual message from the past. Or give him another opportunity to share his spiritually enriched wise message.

    To those who think that the Orthodox Church is simply following orders from the regime, I say the church is following God’s message instead of pfdj’s anti-Godly philosophy and criminal activity.

    Patriarch Abune Antonios is in prison, Abune Mekarios is in exile, many priests and deacons are either in prison or in exile. Many faithful have faced the same fate in the hands of the cruel regime. The Orthodox Church is a victim, like any other… Any decent citizen is a victim under this brutal regime.

    The Catholic Bishops’ Pastoral Letters are greatly informative and educational but in reporting the these spiritual messages, it would be appreciated if the entire message is portrayed in the spirit and letter as intended by the blessed Bishops, as Abba Mekonnen as rightly said.

    The regime is campaigning against Catholics inside Eritrea including in remote country side. The regime’s cadres are planting their venomous chaff of discord and are trying to marginalize the Catholic faithful and their Bishops.

    God Forgive us all and grant us wisdom.

  • The Eritrean Patriot June 19, 2014

    The Eritrean people including the faithful and the not so faithful are victimes of the cruel badit called PFDJ. The PFDJ government is not acting like a government. It does not have what it takes to be government. It is unfit govern us, Eritreans. This is not a Catholic issue alone. It is an Eritrean issue. God is asking us today “Where were you when you brother was ill-treated, imprisoned, disappeared and killed. The question is what are we going to about our lost brothers and the would be lost brothers if we allow the PFDJ to continue to do what it does best?