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Voice of Assenna: Interview with An Eritrean Expert – Mr Elias Habteselassie – P1

Review overview
  • Mike April 6, 2014

    I say Mr. Elias has some points. And by far, the most trustworthy Eritrean. I still have some questions but in a land full of crooked Mr. Elias touches some basic elements anyone should do and behave to do a fairly decent work. If what he said, let me paraphrase here, “Unless they (Gov. of Eritrea early in the 90’s) tell him who he was reporting to and what his project and direct supervisions were – he would not make any move nor would he get started to make a relocation plan to Eritrea”. Now that is a man with Experience and plan.

    The only Question I have to Mr. Elias is – given that is the case – Why did you get involved in being a member of the constitution team? I might have understood the interview incorrectly but – Why would you get involved knowing the character of the Eritrean Gov.? Perhaps you could elaborate one day your place in that contaminated and corrupted Constitution that is shelved for now. By the way – I never thought the constitution was done right and fairly.

    • Yosief April 6, 2014


      I am not sure if your question is understood. He was not leading the constitution team. But as far as his involvement goes, he is Eritrean and he got involved like any body else. I am not a lawyer and I was involved. But the fact that he is a lawyer, he represented the East African part of the Eritrean society. What is wrong with that?

      I do not know Mr. Elias but had anyone acted the way he did, this shifta in Asmara would not have acted the way he is acting now. Almost every body wanted to work for his / her country but the so called president wanted them to be his messengers. Mike and I and along with 99% of our people in diaspora are not like you Courageous, Smart, Confident and a man with “BALLs”.

      Mr. Elias, I tip-off my hat for your Sir!! I am hoping that all of us either we follow the example you set or “WE SHOULD “SHUT UP”.

      One request for MR. Elias.

      I wish and hope that you would write a book about your experience on Eritrean struggle. It may even be a ten page book but it would teach a lot the younger or coming generation. We as a society are not used to that. So many things about this nasty leadership will be forgotten and the way the mad man is taking care business, one day he may be remembered as Saint Isaias.

  • weygud April 7, 2014

    Mr.Elias is really wise person. He has a wealth of expertise.

    Job description isnot available in the vocabulary of the rogue regime.

  • Mike April 11, 2014


    Asking a questions and placing a check point in everything in life is key to achieving what we all would want to be. That is why we are all crying out for miracle now in Eritrea – for not asking and placing the checks and balances in place. If we had asked the what, who, where, when, and why’s Eritrea might have been a different place. Silence, submissiveness, and go with the flow nature because we either like or related to or …etc does not get anyone in any sound future place where we all want to be.

    Putting up is one thing and shutting up is another. I think the later is the result we have now in Eritrea.

    Keep your views open and fair.