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Voice of Assenna: Interview, Pilot-Prisoner Dejen – Part 4 – Saturday, May 24, 2014

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  • Tamrat Tamrat May 25, 2014

    The clueless president has repeated all his nonesens til the end paragraph and boom ‘drafting of constitution’. He used almost the intire Speech for glorifying his success of the last 53 years, including how USA supper Power crippeled derg With its sanction as if it was planned to harm eplf.

    But why he mentioned the drafting of the constitution which has nothing With his ritual? He acts as if there was no mention of constitution before in eritrean history. The constitution in 1997 which made him mad because eritreans demanded that they wanted to be governed by the rules of Law. And what they were suggesting is the Law could bring a change of president. He could have agreed to all sorts of laws but People can change him by just electing!! Is that why he fought for!! He was upset when he went war With elf, eplf but nothing made him upset like People just simply goo to elction center and may change another president. He might win. But just the tought of that any one could compare himself and run for presidential election for Eritrea. This was outragious. Theres is no Logic in isayas brain which process this kind of atrocity. No eritrean dares who change this great great great leader of Eritrea. pfdjs never never want to have another presidant, never, never, never. It easy to make all eritreans in Eritrea pfdjs, it is easy how to show how the life of the president went through. But now those who run away from Eritrea is getting larg in number and from all sorts of demands they choose to stick on the constitution. They always ask him the toughest one.

    So he said you want constitution then you will have it. I will draft my own constititution and pfdjs will Accept it as their New bible.

    Here is the draft: the party which wins the election leads the country. The winning party elects its president. The party can change its leader as it members wishes. All terrorist parties, parties which bases the anti Eritrea super Powers like USA, Russia; parites which armed themselves, parties which based themselves in Our number one enemy land Ethiopia are illigals. This means another 23 years for doderingage isaias. Many pfjds think he is smart to come up With such brilliant idea, but isias is depressed to come to so degraded from the absolutt Power to this cheap cheating. But that is life, what can he do?

  • talke May 26, 2014

    Firstly I would like to congratulate Dejen for his heroism. Thanks God you are now safe and telling the untold story of many innocent victims of the pfdj junta.

    Secondly, we have heard the mad dog announcing the draft of a new constitution this has justified two things:
    1. It has become evidently clear that no peace no war with Ethiopia was not the main reason for the non-implementation of the peoples’ constitution.
    2. They have been violating the promises of our martyrs but now during day light they are violating the peoples’ constitution which was heavily discussed throughout the country and ratified in 1997.

    Lets all fight to get our freedom and right back because there is no hope from this bandits and maffias.

  • ERITRAWIT May 26, 2014

    Gebel Wedi Tenbeien hzbna be b hade twehto aleka ms korakurka maltka tesebe!!!!!!!

  • Kombishtato May 26, 2014

    The unfortunate fate of the Eritrean youth such as Dejen Andehishel’s generation, also known as euphemistically, as the Warsai has been explained very well by Yosief Ghebrehiwet in his most recent article: Disowning Eritrea: Owning the Regal Disease

    Disowning the youth


    The disowning of the youth generation in independent Eritrea ominously starts with that Orwellian name given to them by the “liberators”: “Warsai”. No one in his right mind can possibly miss the cruel irony the name “Warsai” carries. As their “generously” given name indicates, the Warsai are indeed meant to be “inheritors,” a description that usually carries a positive connotation (one who inherits a debt can hardly be called an “inheritor”). But a closer look indicates that they are actually intended to inherit the worst: indefinite military service, one war after another, death in epic proportion, war disability, modern-day slavery, sexual abuse, educational deprivation, denial of family life, religious persecution, incarceration, internal exile, mass exodus and all the rest of oppression that the totalitarian leadership in Asmara offers. In other words, they are meant to be the proud inheritors of the Regal Disease, grandiosely baptized as “ghedli legacy” (hidri suwuatna).

    Thus, the Warsai are not meant to inherit the fruits of the struggle (for there are none), but oddly enough, the struggle itself; or rather, all the hardships that the struggle offers. Given that the national service is designed to recreate all those ghedli hardships, with their blueprints derived directly from mieda, all the evils that have been stoking the Warsai have initially gained acceptability only when packaged under the ever-romanticized “struggle.” Once looked at through the lens of ghedli, one stops calling all the misery indexes mentioned above by their right names. Instead, they have tailor-made names, all taken out from old pages of mieda, that magically transform them into patriotic-sounding ones: martyrdom, sacrifice, fortitude, perseverance, challenge, steadfastness, courage, principle, iron-will, self-reliance, the can-do generation, the inheritors, legacy, etc. [meswaiti, bidho, tsina’t, bitsifrna, biqiltsmna, tetsewarnet, mekete, metkelna, ilamana, yikealo, warsai, hastinawi menfes, etc.] You can see how this yearning to possess the Regal Disease has made it impossible for many to see the farce that the name “Warsai” carries on timely basis, that being the precursor for all the horrors soon to follow.

    Let me look at the above mentioned irony, that odd correlation, as applied to the most egregious crime that is now being committed against the youth generation – the mass exodus – and try to trace it to its totalitarian and colonial roots by asking this question: why are we not calling the mass exodus “genocide”? …


    • Kombishtato May 26, 2014

      Let me start with its totalitarian roots. There is one particular family resemblance that holds in between the Khmer Rouge and Shaebia in regard to genocide: as the Khmer evicted the entire urban population from Phnom Penh, so did Shaebia with the Warsai generation. The level of genocide in Eritrea has never reached that of the Khmer in type or in numbers. Even so, is there anything that we could call genocide going on in Eritrea right now to place Shaebia on the same trajectory? The Yikealo masters, who have found Eritrea to be with too few resources if they share it with the Warsai generation, and hence too crowded to be habitable, had to evict the young generation, first, out of urban centers and, thereafter, altogether out of the country, in order to feel secure in their hegemony. Already, hundreds of thousands of this generation has left the country for good. Now, if hundreds of thousands of the most potent part of a certain population group – say Saho, Bilen, Kunama or Afar – were to be singled out and driven out of the country, would that be considered as genocide or not? You bet your life it would. If the aim of genocide is the eventual extinction of an ethnic group, it matters little if the final solution came to materialize as a mass eviction or mass killings or both. If so, why is it that we are shying from calling the extinction of the Warsai generation from Eritrea as “genocide”?

      The only reason why we are not calling the mass exodus as genocide is that we are still finding it hard to believe that an older generation (deqina), and for that the liberators, can commit a genocide on their younger generation, there being no difference of ethnicity in both generations. This is, indeed, what makes the Eritrean case unique among all other genocides – one that clearly damns the Eritrea revolution for the farce it has always been. While other genocides targeted other ethnic group for liquidation, in the Eritrean case, the liberators couldn’t stand the idea of others following them as a next generation. If there is any new thing to be scrutinized here, it is the visceral hatred for continuity. The entire Eritrean revolution has been about discontinuity from the past – in economy, history, culture, administration, etc. When this discontinuity logic is pushed to its morbid end, it is carried over to the line of succession, as in discontinuity in bloodline. The liberators would rather see the nation disintegrate than another generation coming to inherit the real Eritrea. If so, we shouldn’t shy away from using the phrase “generational genocide” to describe the fate of the Warsai generation under the Yikealo generation.

  • hmmm May 26, 2014

    Tamirat aka combishtato aka YG, give it a break. Let us focus on one topic at a time. This topic is about Dejen so stop your boring lecture and changing the talking points.

    • Biniam Abraham May 27, 2014

      hmmm aka humum aka gumama shit, give it a break. Why don’t you just keep taking your shit medications quietely! Indeed, seraq mobae baElu yelfalef is your typical case. You are a piece of garbage/guhaf to even mention the great name of YG.

    • Kombishtato May 27, 2014

      hmmm wrote “Tamirat aka combishtato aka YG, give it a break”

      thank you, it is the biggest honour bestowed to me to be compared to the bravest and super smart — the Honorable YG. I wish there were ten Eritreans with half of the courage, intelligence and a penetrating mind that of the mighty Yosief Ghebrehiwet.
      YG is showing your real image of mental slavery and diagnosing your sickness that he called the “Regal Disease”; ignore it at your own peril to extinction.

      • Tamrat Tamrat May 27, 2014

        Your reply is a genious one. The day we understand what YG is telling us we all commit sucide. YGs work is not only for Eritreans but also for millions shall i say east africa if not for all africa.

    • selamawit2 May 27, 2014

      hmmm, Tamarat is not aka combishtato or aka mehretu habte pawlos etc…
      Tamrats opinion may differ from yours but he is not back-stabbing like the ones you are comparing with him.
      He is not hiding his ethiopia identity. why don’t you try to discuss with him respectfully?

      • Tamrat Tamrat May 27, 2014

        Hi, Selam!
        I work With Young eritreans who are fresh from Eritrea and have paid the altimetum. Selam, Lampedusa is not cyber thing in the Place i work. It is real. When i say real, you dont have to be eritrean to understand it. And the cluless hmmmm blames them after he secured his western residence permit.

        Any way what ever extra care i do for them has nothing to do With assena or any cyber discussion. I do that just because they are eritreans and i am an ethiopian. But People like you give a flavour to my job With thses youngsters.

        The clueless hmmm worries about the conspiracy of unity of Ethiopia and Eritrea. My worry is how to avoid 1998 again. There is a Clear thought of discripancy between him and me.

        A wll to do Eritrea is goooooooooooood for Ethipia.

        • selamawit2 June 1, 2014

          Hi, Tamrat.
          I see your massage between the lines, brothers. I can only repeat that l very proud of you.
          Nomatter if our opinions on “YG” differ or not – you have my deepest respect, because you are human and honest.
          If everybody had this, we wouldn’t be caught in the recent problems.

    • selamawit2 June 1, 2014

      hmm, i understand that your warning bells are ringing, when you read something based on “YG” articels.
      But especially in the case of Tamrat, i tell you, it is worth it to differancate. you may have different opinions
      but he doesn’t want to “annex” eritrea or to make us feel like worthless people – he cares for us and he onlay wants peace between teh two states and the two peoples.

      “combishtato aka” 100 names and 2-3 people more are working hard to devide
      – moslems and christians
      – “tigre” and “tigrigna”
      – ex-jebhas and ex-eplfs
      they pretend to be ethiopianist but if you pay attention, you can see everything they say and do is only support for DIA.
      They want us to isnult people as “Agame” or to point ou what problmes the state of ethiopia has to solve also.
      They want to produce hatred between the eritrean people and the ethiopian people. i think that’s not what ethiopia want nowadays. Don’t do them this favor, please!

      THEY ARE HGFDs or

  • hmm May 27, 2014

    Selamawit what is the point of discussing with some one who is basing his all argument on someone ease’s article posted somewhere else. All these clowns (if it is not YG himself) copy paste a clip from previous articles. I don’t like any one who idolizes an individual; it reminds me of those who idolize the devil in Eritrea. If YG come to this forum and discuss his thoughts I would be happy to discuss. I just don’t have the time or the patient to read a book sized articles he posts at Asmarino every now and then.

    • Tamrat Tamrat May 27, 2014

      Dont blame YG or poor me for Your laziness. If you are tired of Reading, Guess what it takes for writting those books then! When a man knows the reason for the exodeous way before it happens, shows you how this man cares unlike you. He could have Dance his heart out in pfdj non stop 23 years festivals. Which one do you think easy or cheap to do? Even you know the answer. Plus i dont idolize him only appreciate his patince workolic nature surounded by People like you and some even worse. If i dont agry to his idea, i Write my opinion or critic and he replys politly he thinks right. He is not by any means like you one liner. He Writes about Ethiopia too. He Writes there is no need to oppress other ethnic Groups in the name of unity. Just because i love to see a United Ethiopia, i must not hate YG. Instead respecting the other ethnic groups which brings unity and i have learnt more from YG on this issue than any one else. In my understanding wheather unity or seccession can not be based on oppressing or forcing the weak ethnic Groups by the strong one.

  • msnnit May 28, 2014

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Dejen hawna enkai beselam kab af GEBEL wetsaika,ketsile enkai naytom bzey gele mknyat ab betmmaiserti zisakeyou zelewo ahwatnan,ahatnan dimstom koynka kitzareb abkeaka, lieli kulo kea netom nihna nsu nisu nihna ziblu abi timhirti kitkonom zrideom entekoynu kea kiskorom tesfa ygebir nziterefu wstuat kea kemaka yemaslom.

  • Fetawihaki May 30, 2014

    Jigna Dejen, you floored the evil and brought the truth to light, we eritreans are very proud of you!
    A film/book which demonstrates this most amazing history, which is based on this real incident should be produced soon, this incident is unique and have to be remembered for generations.

    selam n deki erey