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VOICE OF ASSENNA: Interview – እዋናዊ ሓበሬታ ብዛዕባ ፍጻሜ ማንቸርስተር – ካብ ሓው ሰንጋል ዛይድ – Sunday, June 17, 2018

Review overview
  • Leave discassion Ethiopia – Eritra. This Speach already cloused. Now it is time to look the case from the Radicale Root. point. so beloved People of Troglodity- Kebessa Metahit Tigry Tigre Bahri Habesha- this is WEHA Melash to Bahri Melash. Suwakin- Rass Cassar- Sahel- Samhar- Barka- Senhit- Dahlak- Massawa- Zula- Kessela- Welqayt- Rehaita- Aksum- Beylul- Agamme- Araf’ali- Mekele, Medre , Edd -Shire. Therefore Unity of these beloved People, Freedom, Peace give them Force to defend their Dignty. So you young Generation, think to remove the coloniale Word Eritra for Unity of Our People ,Now Eveery body talk over the colonial Word Eritra, this word it belongs to the colonialist came in 1/1/1890, now finish, look Dekebat Dek Addi Root to have Power, strength Ze’ay Deress.

  • Put it, what was written if want know Reality, we know you, it is enough to suffer by others misteak. Now we don’t want to talk Ethiopia – Eritra. Our people have Brain to do what is Right or wrong , so, you who believe intelligent , try to distingush Quanttity from QUALITY. No more Eritra -Etiopia ,stop,remove your brain to Right direction to show you power. Don’t you see what is going in Ethiopia. So move to Weha Melash – Bahri Melash., Wayk App don’t sleep. Zer’ay Demsses. thank you.