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Voice of Assenna: Exclusive Interview with the Hero Pilot Dejen Ande Hishel (ሰባር ካርሸሊ) who Escaped from the Notorious Dictator Isaias’ Prison in Asmara, Carchelli – Part 1 – Saturday, 17 May 2014

Review overview
  • rahwa May 20, 2014

    dear Semira,
    what do you mean by “if you are a real hero you will stop the mad dog,…..”?
    really semira? do you mean that? Dejen was trying to ‘defend’ his people and his country because we all thought Ethiopia was trying to invade us, he was more than willing to sacrifice his life to defend us. and what did he get for that? he spent 15 dark years in prison. and you semira are saying if you are a real hero you will stop the mad dog. he is already a HERO: he did for this country more than many others. and then he spent 15 years in prison and then escaped from prison. he is more than a HERO, semira. but most of all he is a human being, a son, a brother. he is not a machine. it was so cruel of you to say what you said there. it is so cruel to expect others to make sacrifices that you are not willing to make. you made a big mistake my sister and i am disappointed in you. you want him to stop eseyas. and where will you be while he does that? oh my god. what has happened to us Eritreans?

    • Semira May 21, 2014

      Dear Rahwa,
      If Dejen is a real hero, yes he will stop the mad dog wedi medhin Berad diablos Isayas and his son. I’m sure if he is a real hero he will stop the crazy dog from killing our people.
      Rahwa, do you really want Dejen to run like the others so called freedom fighters and you will see him as a hero?
      Dear Rahwa, heroes are the one who stood and died for freedom, justice, liberty and equality; just like our martyrs.

      • rahwa May 21, 2014

        dear semira,
        you remind me of someone who was posting the same gibberish and redundant comments over and over again here on Assenna. i wouldn’t say the name but i am wondering whether you guys (the other commentator and you, semira) should have the same ‘gift’ for singing the same song over and over like a parrot. let me make my clear point clearer semhar oops semira: why would you think that someone like DEJEN ANDE HISHEL (SEBAR-KARSHELI) no DOUBT a HERO in the real sense of the word, would need your approval to be called a HERO if you were not ‘eseyasish’ (by that i mean egocentric) to say the least. are you the one calling the shots now? entedeleki shilmat shingrwa entedeleki shlmat raimoc tekefafli nski dki, semira? kulu seb nzsemon nzamenelun nski “If Dejen is a real hero….” enabelki tdegagmi entay iyu kunkugnu?” When Eritreans who were not in maximum security prison like Dejen are fleeing the county in tens of thousands you expect this one HERO to get rid of eseyas. this is so cruel and selfish. where are you semira or semhar? and what would you be doing while Dejen gets rid of eseyas on his own? your fixation on “the so called freedom fighters” is also something which gives you away, semhar. you were always negative and intent to divide Eritreans across regional and tegadelti and zeytegadelti camp. you say: “do you really want Dejen to run like the others so called freedom fighters and you will see him as a hero? Freedom fighters, semhar or semira which one are you today, by the way? for your information, there are no freedom fighters any more. they are former freedom fighters. do you think b/s they fought for freedom once they need to do it again? you really want them to fight for freedom again? and what would you be doing while they do the fighting? business as usual, is it? or would you be going to bologna to attend festivals and donate used clothing for them and praise them while you get drunk on cheap wine or vodka dancing through the night? and then shameless semhar (aka semira) you say “heroes are the one who stood and died for freedom, justice, liberty and equality just like our martyrs.” you know about our martyrs, don’t you? that is good. but you are cruel,stupid and selfish and a criminal, because while you don’t want to make the tiniest (i assure you you wouldn’t even cut your hair or your nail) sacrifice for those rights you want DEJEN who has already spent 15 years of his life in prison and former freedom fighters to sacrifice their lives for freedom and all those you list there. SHAME ON YOU, SEMIRA,SEMHAR or whoever you are. shame on you, for expecting our martyrs to come back from their grave to get rid off eseyas because you are too ‘precious’! what a fool what a cruel fool, you are semi semhar! shame one you! you’re not fooling anyone.

  • Semira May 21, 2014

    Congratulations Dejen Ande Hishel for your great escape
    from the PFDJ prison in the capital Asmara.
    Dejen remember to free all political prisoners. Dejen runnig is not the solution; the solution is dismantling ድያብሎስ Isayas!
    Thanks for standing for freedom!
    Thanks Dejen Ande Hishel for standing for Justice, Freedom, Liberty and Equality.

    Thanks Dejen for breaking the chain and exposing the weakness of the tyrant dictator, the mad dog, the ድያብሎስ Isayas and his blind followers HIGDEF. 

    Thanks Dejen Ande Hishel for dismantling the mafia law and for supporting the implementation of our constitution and our HIGHI INDABA.
    2014 is the year that we dismantle the crazy mad dog ድያብሎስ Isayas wedi Medhin Berad, his son, and his blind followers HIGDEF just like the Libyans did to Gadafi, his sons and his followers.

    Death to the mad dog, the tyrant dictator and his followers!
    Victory to our people!
    Long live, DEJEN!
    Long live Wedi Ali!
    Victory to our people!

  • Semira May 21, 2014

    Congratulations to Dejen Ande Hishel and may God bless you.
    Thanks Assena for interviewing Dejen.
    We hope Assena soon to interview Yemane T/Gergish and Tesfay Temnewo so that we would share first hand information from them just like Radio Wogahta did interviewed them.

  • hmmm May 21, 2014


    Thanks for telling this Semira character. She/he use many nicks to post the same crap again and again. It always annoy me. He/she has no difference from those PFDJ zombies, in fact I think she/he might be a former zombie who just woke up from a sleep and continue his/her zombie march on the other side. Those type of zombies are dangers in the future even after we gotten rid of the dictator.

  • Sle Fthi June 6, 2014

    Dejeg nay behaqi Dejen hizbi, Lisan witsuat, tesfa iwurat. May you live long to demolish Carchelli and make it a school of pleasure in place of torture.