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Voice of Assenna: Eritreans in Israel Demonstrate Support to the COI – Human Rights Discussion on Eritrea, Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review overview
  • Bergense June 25, 2015

    Bravo deki hzbi…..i can’t belive my eyes, so many…

  • Truly Truly i say to you June 26, 2015

    በዚ ኣጋጣሚ ንተሳተፍቲ ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ ንፍትሒ ሃደ ክልተ ነጥብታት ክመዕዶም ዝደልይ፣
    ፩)ልኽእ ቅድሚ ሕጂ ምስ ደገፍቲ ሕግደፍ ኣብ ሲውዘርላንድ ዝተገበረ ዓይነት ጎነጽ ተፈጢሩ፣ እቶም ስለ ፍትሒ ንሰላማዊ ሰልፊ ዝወጹ የሕዋትና ደይሓሰብዎ ምክልባት ንከይገጥሞም ክጥንቀቑ ጥራይ ደይኮነ፣ ከምቲ ደገፍቲ ሕግደፍ ብእንሰሳዊ ባሕሪዖም፡ ምስልን ባሕልን ሽም ሃገርና ዝደወንዎ፡ ከይሃሰብዎ ንከይድግም ጥንቃቄ ክገብሩ እላበዎም። እቲ ዝገብርዎ ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ ልክዕ ከም ህግደፍ ስነስርዓት ዘየለዎ፣ ጫውጫውታን ኣውያትን ጥራይ ኮይኑ ንምስምኡን ንምርኣዩን ጸገም ኮይኑ ንከይተርፍ፣ ብፍጽም ስነስርዓትን ማእረግን ብዘለዎ ኣሰላልፋ ጥራይ ደይኮነ ነቲ ዘቀርብዎ ጭርሆ ኮነ መዝሙር ሕዝቢ ሰሚኡ ብዝርድዖን ብዘስተማቅሮን ኣገባብ ነቲ መልዕክቲ ከማእርግዎ እላበዎም።
    ሕግደፍ ንዝገበርዎ ሰልፊ ብሓቂ ንምዝራብ ንምርኣዩ ጸገም ከምድኾነ ኩልኻትኩም ከማይ ተኣዚብክሞ ትኾኑ። ሰልፎም፣ ባንዲራ ኣተሓሕዞም ኮነ እቲ ዝነፍሕዎ ዝነበረ ፊስካ ፍጹም ስርዓትን ማእረግን ስለዘይነበሮ፣ ልክእ ከምዘይተቃነየ ክራር ወይ ከበሮ ንልብኻ ዝርብሽ ነሩ ጥራይ ደይኮነ፣ ናይቶም ሰልፈኛታት ናይ ጉዕዞዖም ዕላማም፣ ሕሕዶም ንምርእኣይን ብዛእባ ኣብ ሃገር ዘስርሕዎ ሕድሞ ንክመያየጡ ተኣኪቦም ዘውግኡ ከምዝነበሩ እንበር ናይ ብሓቂ ነቲ ዝኸዱሉ ዕላማ ክጭርሁ ዝወጽኡ ኣይመስሉን ነሮም። ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ግን ነቲ ዘንቀሎም ጉዳይ ብፍጽም ምቅብባልን ምርድዳእን ብጭዋ ኣገባብ ከማእርግዎን፣ ነቲ ብሕግደፍ ዝተደወነ ጭዋ ባሕልናን ክሕድስዎ እላበዎም።

  • Senhit June 26, 2015

    This is the time for all Eritreans unite and raise only one flag, our Liberation Flag, the flag of our forefathers, the flag of our martyrs, the flag that we raised from the beginning to the end of our revolution, our liberation flag, SEMAYAWIT BANDERANA!

    This is the time to save our culture, our land and our people before it’s too late!

    This is the time for all Eritreans to unite and stand for justice, freedom, liberty and equality.

    We should stand against our #1 enemies the mad dog, tyrant dictator Isayas wedi Berad, his blind followers HIGDEF.

    It’s time to liberate our land and our people.

    Let freedom ring in Akeleguzay!
    Let freedom ring in Barka!
    Let freedom ring in Denkel!
Let freedom ring in Hamassien! 

    Let freedom ring in Sahil!
    Let freedom ring in Semhar!
    Let freedom ring in Senhit!
    Let freedom ring in Seraye!
    Eritrea will be free soon!

    Our original Eritrean Liberation Flag, Semayawit Banderana will rise up all over Eritrea!
    We did it 1991 and we will do it again 2015.

    • Kabbire June 26, 2015

      senhit, the old timer semhar,

      Your message is as outdated, undemocratic and as hypocritical as a decree written by a dictator.
      Eritreans are dying by hundreds every month and you are obsessed about the colour of cherqi and the name of long defunct Awraja regions?
      You are living in the past. Grow up! Please stop spewing your garbage here. There are tens of thousands of Eritreans including many Warsays who were wounded, toiled under their own Eritrea-made-flag, the current flag.
      The UN had handed to the former Italian colonies of Somalia, Libya and Eritrea (under the Ethio-Eritrea federation) a blue cherqi. The Somalis and the Eritreans (the latter under Ethiopian sovereign federation) each accepted with slight change to the cherqi but the Libyans adopted their own. Therefore, the blue flag is technically a hand-me or second-hand cherqi from the UN.
      what would you tell to the old Bogos people in the current Zoba Anseba who happen to be Tigre and Blin, named after the rich Anseba river that crosses through their fertile land, as Anseba?

      what would you say to the people of Logochowa who are not part of Hamassien nor Seraye and desrve their own region?
      What would you say to the Kunama people who are not part of the old Barka region but are proud people in their own language and culture from the Setit-Sosuna rivers?
      The word “Denkel” is in fact an insult to an Afar. It is like calling them a “n***r”. The majority of ethnic people inhabiting the present South Red Sea region would prefer to be called an Afar region or Red Sea region and speak their language Qafár af …
      Please stop dreaming of this old colonial partition divisions handed by the Italians and look forward to a better and sensible Eritrea to all ethnic and regional groups.