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Voice Of Assenna: Eritrean Refugees Seek Local And International Protection

Review overview
  • Paradiso March 18, 2013

    This poem recently appeared in Samson’s Facebook

    A picture perfect.
    Our disjoint reality.
    One bleeds in alien land.
    The other – preaches of the said tongue.

    Declared official
    In Sinai
    Dead –
    Or alive?


    As the black gold – in Dubai.
    Blood gold – in Sinai.
    One from the dirt ground.
    The latter – a heart torn, gagged and bound.


  • Paradiso March 18, 2013

    My thanks and gratitude to the Eritrean volunteer “correspondents” in the Shegerab refugee camps in Sudan who are exposing the crimes of the Sudanese police and the government. Hard to believe the bastard Sudanese police are treating Eritrean refugees like dogs.

    • Saba March 19, 2013

      Paradiso, i know several especially former Jebha fighters who used to stay in Sudan, when i listened to their describings how welcoming they used to be and how good it was those days it is very much hurting them to hear about the sudden change. Also most i spoke to had been there before SHARIA got implented there. But all of them confirmed to me that Sudanese have a very corrupt mentality. The north-sudanese seem to have that type of stereotype of “non-hard working people” and beeing very lazy.. They are very corrupt, you only get further when you bribe or if you are a lady to use your “lady-ness”…

      Not to sound too generalizing but this seem to be “typcial” arab nature.
      Sudan in arabic translated comes from ASWAD = LAND OF THE BLACK
      Arabs invaded mainly the northern parts, mass-raped, and killed the small boys or castrated them not to develop any more black people.

      What i try to say is, the current north-sudanese think they are arabs but are always seen as africans by arabs. They have created a self-hating system like one can see all over africa but in different shapes.
      So they bring up their so called hate towards other blacks (ofcourse never towards arabs) in this case HABESHA people or towards South Sudanese.

      You know what, this is my personal believe from questioning and informing myself when i used to travel a lot to GCC countries.

  • luna March 20, 2013

    My thanks to an individual named Gebre who gave a very timely account on Eritreans in Sudan refugee camps and who are forced to live in lawless conditions.

    Amanuel Iyasu asked the interviewee if unexpected social behaviors could be the result of trauma? In my opinion, no justification can be made to condone or over look wrong doings.

    Eritreans are abused, compromised, and hurt people. As seen in many other instances, cultures can be decimated by brutal regimes and a good example is Iraq. The same with Eritrea too. As we talk, today is the 10th Anniversary the start of war in Iraq. These vices persist and go to the coming generation too. Some believe and expect to see Eritrean character to still remain intact in conditions where it is made purposely to die.

    In Eritrea , the social milieu or person’s environment is fully controlled by negative forces. It is harsh and very little space left to manoeuvre. The conditions under which we live made it hard to trust even next door neighbours. As a result, individualism took over and the struggle for survival became a day to day question. This in turn created the degradation of our social values which made our population survive during our long history. what we see now is greed and lack of care for the other which has taken root to a level unimagined in bygone eras. I can’t believe hearing that the ‘misery’ in Sinai which has befallen or happened to other Eritreans is the work of other Eritreans the motive being cash. That by itself is something to fight against wholeheartedly.

    Israel has issues of her own which made their policy to be the way it is. What is priority for them is national security. We can’t blame other nations for their policy instead try to voice our cry and state it clearly the reasons for it.

    One idea which stuck in my head is the question Gebre talked bout which is once after crossing Eritrean border do we still keep the principle to fight for our cause which made us leave our homeland in the first place? In other words it means why did we leave home for exile to start with? On top of that, each and every Eritrean who loves the land should express his thoughts and concerns instead of waiting to hear it from others on mass media and the like. Let us be proactive and stand for a cause.

    Advocacy must be our main focus such as connecting to the Jewish World Federation and many other organizations bringing into their awareness the plight of Eritrean refugees plus what goes on in Sinai. We have to stop being victims!

  • ida teclemariam March 24, 2013

    I would like to thank our courageous brothers and sisters especially Mr. Amanuel Iassu, Ms. Merton Estefanos, and Ms. Elsa Chyrum. May God be with you. You are my heros. You have started the revolution. Sooner or later allEritreans will follow the truth.