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Voice of Assenna: Eritrean Mass Liberation Movement’s Call for Change on the Occasion of Martyr’s Day – Saturday, June 21st, 2014 – P1

Review overview
  • Adhanet June 22, 2014

    How do you we know whether it is authentic or not? What if someone is playing with Assenna in particular and its audience in general?

  • Wedi Hama June 22, 2014

    Mighty embasoyra.
    If you have a better solution you can come up with your own list & stop bitching with other people’s decisions.
    Your sole purpose is just to oppose anything aimed at the dictator & his enablers.
    For a change I want you to write an article of your own instead of being a hero on the comment section, get a life narrow minded.

    • MightyEmbasoyra June 23, 2014

      Wedi Hama,
      As you can see, I am an independent person. You can suggest but you can’t tell me what to do b/c it is not going to work. Besides, aren’t you fighting against that? Isayas is telling you what to say and what to do/ How is that working for you? Oh, also, please refrain from using unpleasant words, like bitching. Unless, your knowledge is from street rather than from books. Just saying.
      Anyways, my aim is to question anything that is questionable. Haven’t you burned enough by accepting what they have been telling/feeding you?

  • abrehet June 22, 2014

    if you think the problem for eritrea is isayas, then think again.

    • MightyEmbasoyra June 23, 2014

      I would say the problem is with the many individuals who implement isayas’s plan are the main problem. It is ironic, this group is willing to forgive the main criminals.

    • Bareey June 24, 2014

      ato Abrehet,
      Issayas is the problem. Any Tegadalay knows it. Where is General Golfo Sibhat. Disposed like a condom. Tell me how a chief of stuff is unceremoniously transitioned to no where. He shuffles the people like a mother administers her utensils during cooking.
      Let me assure you. Eritreans are peaceful people to much at times and no one will create problem.
      It us a one man rule.

  • Hagherawi June 23, 2014

    “the Eritrean president we believe he is one of the victim of this hate, he is the one led the Eritrean struggle, but he was not free from the intimidation, as every body knows he has been asked many times his blood, but he ended up hiding his blood.”


    Now, you are saying Iseyas is a victim …, this shows how much you understand what is happening in Eritrea. How stupid you are !!

  • abraham June 23, 2014

    Death of Isias will Show the freedom and rebirth of Eritrea


  • Tesfom Habrom June 23, 2014

    Dear Abrehet what that abut all the atrocity he has committed as of 1970 to the present time you know how meny inteligets and which they can lead they ha been eliminated by his policy intentionally there are a lot untold history

  • rahwa June 24, 2014

    ajokum ahwat, gele gele sebat welekzelek kblu jemirom alewu. bezi mnkskas zeytehagose delay fitihi yelen. gele lukat pfdj gn tekawemti mesilom zeymtimiman kebyu yxuru alewu. nhna gn ajokum ilna mstom ab wshsti zelewu dew knbl alena. ajokum meantana get nebl. awetna kea nay gdn yu.

  • rahwa June 24, 2014

    Eritreans are worried whether the Eritrean people and their nation will perish or will some how go on. that’s the reason our people in Diaspora is mobilizing itself. that’s the reason the four Catholic church leaders voiced their opinion. that’s the reason our people within are mobilizing themselves. and this announcement is part of that movement. it managed to cover a wide ranging of issues. the most important being UNITY, without which challenging eseyas is impossible. their main goal is saving our people and our nation, a cause any sane Eritrean would totally rally behind. but we Eritreans are not all sane. we have a number of lunatics like eseyas. and there are those who think being in the opposition is a game. and others who are inhumane in every possible way. and there are also those who hate EPLF because it is EPLF. they will always hate EPLF no matter what it does or fails to do. there are also those who hate themselves, those who do not know what they are worth. of course, there are also the enemies of our people and our nation, those who want to go on watching Eritreans perish and humiliate ourselves, those who dream to see Eritrea be part of ethiopia. and a number of those individuals have started condemning this initiative. who would be shocked if eseyas arrested a religious leader yet again? no one. that’s why i wouldn’t be shocked if i found out someone who claims to be in the opposition condemned those who took this initiative. not even when i saw him/her praise the initiative taken by the four Catholic church leaders and turned around and condemned those who took this latest initiative. b/s clearly he is either confused, narrow-minded or a pfdj operative.

    • Loree April 28, 2016

      It’s a plsaruee to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

  • abeselom June 26, 2014

    ok,that is it, i have been waiting for this every body,there is no stopping now.the haradi and his kara akebelti has to go.

  • Dani June 29, 2014

    Radio weyane