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Voice of Assenna: Eritrean Mass Liberation Movement’s Call for Change on the Occasion of Martyrs Day – Part 2 – Monday , June 23rd, 2014

Review overview
  • rahwa June 24, 2014

    Eritreans are worried whether the Eritrean people and their nation will perish or will some how go on. that’s the reason our people in Diaspora is mobilizing itself. that’s the reason the four Catholic church leaders voiced their opinion. that’s the reason our people within are mobilizing themselves. and this announcement is part of that movement. it managed to cover a wide ranging of issues. the most important being UNITY, without which challenging eseyas is impossible. their main goal is saving our people and our nation, a cause any sane Eritrean would totally rally behind. but we Eritreans are not all sane. we have a number of lunatics like eseyas. and there are those who think being in the opposition is a game. and others who are inhumane in every possible way. and there are also those who hate EPLF because it is EPLF. they will always hate EPLF no matter what it does or fails to do. there are also those who hate themselves, those who do not know what they are worth. of course, there are also the enemies of our people and our nation, those who want to go on watching Eritreans perish and humiliate ourselves, those who dream to see Eritrea be part of ethiopia. and a number of those individuals have started condemning this initiative. who would be shocked if eseyas arrested a religious leader yet again? no one. that’s why i wouldn’t be shocked if i found out someone who claims to be in the opposition condemned those who took this initiative. not even when i saw him/her praise the initiative taken by the four Catholic church leaders and turned around and condemned those who took this latest initiative. b/s clearly he is either confused, narrow-minded or a pfdj operative.

    • Dawit Meconen June 25, 2014

      This is fundamental: woyane and its Eritrean Trojan Horses are the other side of the impostor Isaias Afewerqi and co., working relentlessly to uproot our people and disintegrate our country. Therefore, anyone who avows against the former but remains silent over the latter is either helplessly naïve or outright enemy collaborator.

      Genuine Eritreans,

      When we are calling for Eritrean Unity, we are not merely looking for a hodgepodge one where the agents of woyane-within and woyane-without can easily get in to sow seeds of discord within ourselves as a means of keeping us in perpetual and virtual futility. No. No. It is rather Unity of Eritrean who have not only distinguished themselves by selflessly standing up against these seemingly two evils –woyane- within and woyane-without– but also who have been mercilessly exposing their shrouds when to consternations of the squeamish.

      • MnO2 June 27, 2014

        Concentrate on your main enemy, HGDF.

  • senai June 24, 2014

    መጀመርታ ን ኣማኒኢል እያሱ ካብ ልቢ የመስግኖ
    ሞራል ተሰሚዒኒ ብጣዕሚ ተሓጊሰ,ነዚ ዓጋመ ነቃብጾ ኣጆኩም ኤርትራዊያን ይሕዋተይ
    ከመይ ጌርና ገንዘብ ከም ነዋጽእ ሐብረና ኤማ ሐወይ
    ኩሉ ሰብ ደላዪ ፍትሒ ተዳሊዩ ኣሎ።

    ነቃብጾ ኣጀኩም የሕዋት

    • m June 25, 2014

      what we waiting for Our pepole is suffering a lot,and we only talk and talk and we escape like ratess, from our land,and we do meeting evry month and we dancing evry week this is our life we are cowedess, the only we do talk and talk we dont have any man the only man is wadi Ali forto

  • woldino June 25, 2014

    mr/s m ok lets transform to act, initiate in some way money for the hero’s or be a hero. it is time for action.

  • Dala ksha June 25, 2014

    you make a point thanks,

    • rahwa June 25, 2014

      thanks Dala ksha. that is the truth and the only truth. high time we called a spade a spade. awet nwuxue hzbnan ndeleyti xbuk hizbnan hagernan. aytresue ahwat: seb alewa zahager.