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Voice of Assenna: Eritrean Justice Seekers Call for Justice & Freedom, as the PFDJ Dance in Bologna, Thursday, July 3, 2014

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  • Semhar July 5, 2014

    Congratulations to all demonstrators in Bologna Italia, for exposing the tyrant dictator and his blind followers.
    You stood for what you believe in. You represented Eritrean people and you stood against the mad dog tyrant dictator Isayas wedi Berad, his blind followers HIGDEF and his burned flag.
    We will liberate our land and our people.
    Let freedom ring in Senhit, Keren!
    Let freedom ring in Akeleguzay, Adi keyih!
    Let freedom ring in Denkel, Asseb!
    Let freedom ring in Barka, akurdet!
    Let freedom ring in Sahil Nakfa!
    Let freedom ring in Seraye, Adi Ugri!
    Let freedom ring in Hamassien, Asmera!
    Let freedom ring in Semhar, Massawa!
    Eritrea will be free soon.
    Our original Eritrean Liberation Flag, Semayawit Banderana will be allover Eritrea!
    Shighey abbey ala?
    BOLOGNA, ITALY besiha ala!
    Shighey abbey ala?
    BOLOGNA, ITALY besiha ala!

  • metkel July 6, 2014



    easy said !