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Voice of Assenna: Eritrea A Country with No Government and No Opposition

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  • marsa July 30, 2013

    No body can say it better than that

  • marsa July 30, 2013

    I would like to Thankyou onbhalf of all Tegadelti, the young generation needs more information about our past
    The road was not easy to reach where we are.anyway I do not want to spoil your golden advice all I can say is you are doing Great job.


  • Dawit Meconen July 30, 2013

    Voice of Asena covered masterfully the current obtacles facing the Eritrean Struggle against Isaias Afewerqi. But I think the main points that can serve as a rallying and unifying factors among the opposition are unfortuantely left out:

    1. Definition of the targetted enemy, who is the enemY?

    2. Definition of the ancillaries of the targetted enemy

    It is not enough to state ad nausem that Isaias Afewerqi is a tyrant. Yes , he is tyrant; you do not have to have an intelligence of Neurosurgeon to figure that out. Every body knows that because it is an Effect, visible for any one who can see, hear to see and to hear etc.

    If we are thinking logically, however, we cannot stop with the Effect, we must decipher the Cause and by asking questions:

    Why has he become a tyrant,

    Obliterated all the Principles of the EPLF,

    Denigrated democracy as Western ploy,

    Discarded the ratified Constitution,

    Permanently dissolved the Baito,

    Incarcerated his comrades in arms,

    Surrounded himself with people who never bore arms during the Liberation era, and who are all first generation Eritrean like himself etc.

    And to what end?

    The late Woldeab Woldemariam was pro-tigrai-tigrigni at the beginning of his political career. Why? I could only be because of tigrai descent. He later rescinded his position to become pro-Independence because he was vehemently opposed.

    Isaias Afewerqi views Weldeab Woldemariam with special fervor, more than any one in the annals of Eritrean struggle; the thread that tie him is none other than the tigrai-tigrigni platform.

    Isaias Afewerqi is known for his Machiavillian evasion and evasion is the hallmark of all vicious people. Hitler evaded the halocaust of the jews by “Final Solution”; Moa, by “Re-education” etc. Nobody can definitely tell the number of people killed under those pogroms but can simply run into tens of millions.

    Isaias Afewerqi lives in evasions but the one every Eritrean must commit not only to his/her permanente memory but also preserve in the Eritrean Museum is the ” Self-Defense” evasion he used when he flagrantly invaded Ethiopia.

    Why did he invade Ethiopia flagrantly in violation of the International Law?

    His claim of “Self-Defense” was refuted by the Claim Commission, which he accepted and signed. His claim was therefore Fraud. The question then is what prompted him to commit the Fraud?

    The following is the answer:

    The interview of Melse Zenawi and Paul Hanze in 1990

    “MZ: The EPLF has the problem that the population hates the Derg so much that it
    has all become separatist. The population wants independence to be declared as
    soon as the EPLF takes Asmara. Isaias understands some of the difficulties of this
    because he has thought a lot about it in the past year. But he has terrible pressures
    from his people. It is a difficult issue for him.
    PBH: Are the Eritrean highland Christians as strongly in favor of an immediate
    declaration of independence as Muslims?
    MZ: There are different opinions on this, but we think that the whole population wants
    independence. They may not understand what it means. These people were once
    strongly in favor of unity with Ethiopia. The Shoan Amharas destroyed that feeling.
    The highlanders are getting more impatient than the leadership of the EPLF. Isaias
    sees problems in independence and does not want to rush and create difficulties for
    himself, but he doesn’t have full control over this issue…..”

  • Hazhaz July 30, 2013

    This is the best description and definition of Eritrea today.

  • fetsum abrahamt July 31, 2013

    Thank u for the analysis on the current situation of the society. I think the presentation was to the point and full of vision because it targets the weakness of our opposition forces in view of the most important factor of success UNITY. I suggest such presentations to dominate our medium from now on and I hope ASSENNA will periodically do this preferable through interviews as well. Please dont sop it here and lose momentum. Instead keep bring the issue of unity monotonously until it gets a listener.Good luck

  • eden August 2, 2013

    you hit the nail on the head every time, Assenna. but i am asking myself are we Eritreans really this confused? can we afford to be confused when it comes to having a nation and a people? can we afford to be confused when it comes to our survival? i think we Eritreans have decided that we are better off without a nation and the responsibilites that come along with it. that is why we refuse to unite, we are unwilling to sit down communicate and priortize and take action. we are betraying our martyrs by being defenceless against eseyas’s tyrany. once we start getting strong on one front we rush to destroy that front. why is that we die to start from scratch instead of strengthening something that was there for our collective benefit? we think the Eritrean issue is only a game. we will soon find out how wrong we were when we wake up to find we no longer have a country. it will be too late then. who will we blame then?
    thanks Assenna for your enlightening articles. don’t give up on us guys.

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