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Voice of Assenna: ERDA Supported Successful Drinking Water Project of Knin Village Inaugurated

Review overview
  • ሃብተ July 24, 2017

    እውይ እዞም ወያነ ክጥዕሙ መቸም እታ ዓዶም ሽሻይ ንሽሻይ እንድዮም ገይሮማ ዘለው ኣብቲ ዓዶም! ዝጠሚ የለ ዝጸምእ የለ ጉሓፍ ክኣሪ ብጉሓፍ ዝጽቀጥ የለ ግብሪ በዚሑና ኢሉ ዘዕረምርም የል ። እነሀልካ ሕጂ ከማን ንዖኦም ኣኺሉ ተሪፍዎምሲ ኣብቲ ጥቆም ዘላ ናይ ኤርትራ ዓዲ ሓገዝ ክህቡ ጀሚሮም። ነቲ ካልእ ከማን መርከብሉ ነይሮም ብሰንኪ ሻዕብያ እምበር።

    • amanuel July 25, 2017

      That is not exageration habte. Weyane has registerred tremendous development across ethiopia. Now they are embarked on mega projects unlike ur regime which is embarked on creating suspicions among eritreans to prolong its life.

      • amanuel July 25, 2017

        The government of shaebia has been desperately marketing hallow developments that can not be measured or seen. Mortality of mothers and children during birth decreased 50%. Who is prepering the the stat and telling us the stat. Ofcourse non than the shaebya who told us they killed more than 60 million ethiopian soldiers yesterday when we were hungry for their lies.

  • Hadgu July 25, 2017


    According to the boarder commission Knin is not in Eritrea and that is why the Eritrean government left the village to Tigrai. Now it seems advertently or inadvertently Amanuel is undermining the EEBC decision. A big mistake.