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Voice of Assenna: Dr Nesredin speaks to Radio Assenna about PFDJ’s attempt to silence him, Saturday, Aug 13, 2016

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  • k.tewolde August 14, 2016

    Thanks Assenna for honoring my request for the background music by the legend Yunis Ibrahim “BMENDEQ NAY QALAT’.I just sang along reminiscing of my childhood years, holding back some tears, lost in twilight for the moment between the good days gone by and the horrors of reality back home today.Keep exposing the ugly face of tyranny,keep promoting justice,keep,keep………the results are budding everywhere.

  • Peace for all August 14, 2016

    Dear Assenna

    First of all I would like to thank you for being a voice to the voiceless people and exposing the dictator PFDJ regime.

    But I’m very concerned about the information given by the so called “Dr Nesredin Mensur” first by radio weghata later on it was aired by Assenna and again Amanuel did an interview with him recently to confirm weather the information given by him was really truth and credible,….. even though every body is responsible for what he/she did and say also it affects the credibility of the mass media for the future.

    I’m a medical doctor by profession and I had worked in the Eritrean hospitals including Halibet hospital where the so called “Dr Nesredin Mensur” is saying he was working there and he was for some time on the Halibet hospital prison ward which I know it very well……….for me what I want to comment is about his profession , not about the story he told us ( the story he told us its not surprising to me because more than that is happening in Eritrea… I’m not much interested on the story….I’m only interested on his profession)

    In Eritrea before 2009 (the first time Eritrea graduated it’s own medical doctors), the number of medical doctors in the country were about 120 doctors including all the specialist, general practitioners and those doctors working on the offices of the ministry of health. considering the number of doctors and size of our country we know each other if not 100% by face we know by name and we used to meet during the Eritrean medical association (ERIMA) yearly. I personally I don’t know this person with that profession and title

    Regarding studying south Africa: Only 14 Eritreans (12male and 2 female, 12 of them from university of asmara , the rest 2 from ministry of health) were given the scholarship to study medicine in south Africa. All 14 of them they studied at Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA) which is in Pretoria. …..not in cape town like what he mention it…of curse some Eritreans they studied in cape town but not in the field of medicine. Then once they finish their training they refused to go back to Eritrea ……….once the Eritrean embassy in Pretoria took their credentials and send it to Eritrea to force them to go home, still they refused to return to Eritrea……then after about 2 years they become jobless they are allowed to work in south Africa (……..I think this thing is well known by the human rights group, Eritrean opposition and the medias for the opposition) . As far the information that I have, except one recently joined to the western country the rest 13 of them they are working in south africa

    So our brother Nesredin Mensur, the story he told us it could be true or false, it its true I’m not surprised because more than what he told us is happening in Eritrea by the dictators,…..But regarding his profession I assure you he is not a doctor,……..may be he was trained first aid ……and the Dr is his nickname

    The message is we have to be honest, no matter how we hate the regime lie will never solve our problem rather it destroy our credibility. And to the media – be cautious about the information you receive before you broadcast it. ……………………….I hope radio weghta and assenna they will ask apology for their audience ……and make sure he will apologize for misinforming the public and the media………….lie is a lei it has to be condemned no matter weather its from the dictator regime or opposition

    Thank you again for being a voice to the voiceless people

    • AHMED SALEH !!! August 17, 2016

      Nothing personal just expressing my observation .

  • KIbreab K August 14, 2016

    The tone of his rebuttal of the rumors spread against him by the “usual suspect, pfdj” is less than emphatic NO. He could have done better. If he has never ever involved in the alleged misdeeds. He could say it unequivocally, even at this early stage. Instead of asking for more time. Even if he come up with some concrete evidence there will remain some doubt about the authenticity of his case just because of how he performed in this first appearance about the case.

  • Staz Bara August 14, 2016

    wow, born in Sudan in 1979, moved to Eritrea at the earliest 1991(after freedom )and according to the interview, he attended !-12 grade in Amara. and he graduated in 1999 that makes him graduated from high school in 7 years. just do the math it does not add up.. Nesredin as person who spent the first 12 years of his life in Sudan, he does not have the accent of people who grew up in Arabic speaking country. i expect him to say like phrases from Arabic Like the words YEANI BELahi SHINU ZATU WOLAHI

    • salam August 15, 2016

      well in future Dr. Nessredin himself or those he’s claiming know him since his young age and those,who studied with him in South Africa may answer your question. to help you in Math, 1991-1979=12, so Dr. Nessredin was 12 years old when he came to Eritrea. Now you too, do your Math to find out, according to my understanding young Nessredin come to Eritrea when he was 5 th Grade.. he might have started school 1986 when he was 7 if he was 5th grade in 1991+7=1998 so he completed his 12 th grade in 1998. you should use your logic to do Math 😉

      • staz bara August 15, 2016

        He said he attended from first grade to 12 in asmera

      • staz bara August 15, 2016

        Listen carefully, he claimed that he attend from first grade to 12 grade iasmra. he never said he started 5th grade in asmera

      • staz bara August 15, 2016

        Selam listen to minute 12 40 of the interview, then show me your logic and please do your math again

    • Haile August 15, 2016

      I agree with you Staz Bara that things don’t add up at all. And he is NOT definitely not from Gezamand Tilian area/sefer. And WHY did he has to ask for more time to explain or to come back, Come back to where? It also seemed Amanuel (assenna) was so soft and excited like he never met or interviewed a doctor! This man never sounds like a Dr or a professional person. The big question is why he chose Ethiopia instead of his birth place the Sudan?

      • Ali omer August 15, 2016

        Well you nowSudan regime is not the allat jawases jaste lake haylesilase or derg selatina cab so coll aretrawe way you question him hi teling like ithis you lukiet or not

        • Haile August 16, 2016

          Ali Omer
          If your reply or response was meant to me then I am sorry but I can’t make much of your comment! What is your point and what are you really trying to say or point out? You said you know Sudan but I don’t know Sudan at all!

      • Ambabi August 16, 2016

        Well higdef second home is Sudan

  • G.stoop August 15, 2016

    I tried to get his name in the list of students in Cape Town. It does not appear anywhere. By the way, there was no one Eritrean, to this date, who was admitted in the School of Medicine of Cape Town. All the Medical students were at a different University. Watch this guy, he might have been sent to kill. Watch it.

  • G.stoop August 15, 2016

    Dear Assena could you ask him at which University in Cape Town he was. When you asked him who were with him at the school, he could not give you any specific name. I think he said John in Sweden. Surely, he could have not forgotten his school mates. By the way, among the medical Doctors who graduated, none of them went back to Eritrea. I am very suspicious about this guy.

    • Tsehaye August 15, 2016

      I very much suspect that the devils HGDEFs sent this man pretending to be a doctor to divide and to spy on the Eritrean oppositions. If he had actually done/completed his medical Doctors in South Africa then he would never have returned to Eritrea but instead like everyone else would have gone on to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia or the Middle East to get a better opportunity and to improve his life/future. Indeed, watch out for this man as he looks very dangerous. You can fool some people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  • haile August 16, 2016

    my question is that .about daniel semere wedei maytemenay zeibello seeb ab mayhimet maeisertti be kalashein teqeteiluu zeibello. dekkkii maytemenay alokumm dooo.,,?? daniel semere teifeltuwo dooo?????

  • haile August 16, 2016