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Voice of Assenna: Discussion with Eritrean Youth Activists in the UK – Part 2

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  • Tensae April 12, 2013

    my nephew got killed in sinai, now. I have a feeling that he is alive because we got them arrested, those people who came to get the $35,000.00.
    Please..please can you please give me your phone number or give me a phone number for sinai, so I can call and ask if my nephew is realy died. I want to call or I like to go to Egypt and ask someone who realy knows him, to ask if they saw his body. His name is Serak Kubrom Bereketab ( he is 21 years old).
    Please email me when you get this message. give me your number so I can give you his information and so I can work with you for the rest of young eritreans.
    Thank you

  • mona April 14, 2013

    very interesting discussion. pfdj is going down the slippery slop. Eritrean all over the world are making it difficult for the mafia junta to do the simplest thing. this clearly shows how weak pfdj has become. and we the people of Eritrea (the opposition) are at our best. now that we have started to unite nothing is going to stand in our way. the situation back home and the problems our brothers and sisters face to escape pfdj demand that we see unity as the only option. that is the only way we can get rid of eseyas’s regime as soon as possible. i am proud of you brothers and sisters. we will go on marching for liberty because our people deserve it.