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Voice of Assenna: Chairman of the ENCDC Executive Committee, Dr Yusuf Berhanu Comments on the Current Leadership Controversy

Review overview
  • John7 July 31, 2013

    Why is Dr Yosuf soooo reluctant to speak out? Is it because as he claims ” lbi yeByu” or he is hiding something? What did he lost it when he was asked if there was Ethiopia’s role ?
    when a chair man is fired ..the public has rigth to know. you are public figure?! At times he seems he insulting the media? A journalist ask a question asks a question from public perspective though it may seem obvious/stupid question .
    He could have declined the interview if he doesn’t want to talk. One thing really bother me is that the opposition group are making the same mistakes as PFDJ suchas Secrecy, lack of accountability , withholding info from public, firing official with out due process…

  • Said August 1, 2013

    Dr. yosuf I don’t now him , but he sound sincere, if he can come up something, to deliver us from the evil dictator wadi afewreik, that what we need a father figure.lit us stop playing, with Eritrean people , and we need to help him instead of fighting him, if you have something wrong we deal with him latter.lit as get around him in wark united against dictator.

  • Kombishtato August 1, 2013

    ዕጫ ጀብሃ፤
    ካብ ምፍንጫል፣ ናብ ፍጭንጫል ። መዋእሎም ከርተት፣ ብስም ገድሊ ክንደይ ሰብ ተለኪሙ። ነዝን ወዲ ኸምዝን ርእዮም፣ ነዚ ኩሉ ዝተሸምምናዮ ከርፋሕ ሂወት፣ ባርነት ስደት ርእይ ኣቢሎም ንገድሊ እንተረገምዎ ጌጋ ኣይመስለንን።

  • oromay August 1, 2013

    Oh, God! There are many monkeys in the Eritrean politics. Throughout history, there has been leadership crisis. Unity is a taboo word for the opposition groups. Please let the heroine Eritrean ladies to take up the key leadership positions.
    As an exit strategy from their weaknesses and failures, they point their fingers to Ethiopia. The chairman of the ECDC executive committee is trying to conceal facts that are already leaked out. He seems to use the same fashion of swaying talk like the Dictator. ….I donot want to talk about this, may be another time, you media outlet journalists refrain from disseminating rumours ….so on and on… . The public is the owner of the matter and has the right to be informed. The matter is public domain, it isnot military secrete. They preach dayvin day out about democracy, but they never practise it.

    The Eritrean people are always united, but no leaders.

  • Said August 3, 2013

    The made man is training the mentally ill, releasing tham in the street of asmara that they have war syndrome, I’m getting reports also, the light come only at 4am and long line for water , people have to get up 3am life is very difficult.many are waring , of those mentally ill .beacuse same are very scare to come out in the street now they caring gane walking on the street, were are the human right .dictator getting desperate.