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Voice of Assenna: Apostolic Message of H.G. bishop Mekarios Feb 2016 – “ሕጊ እንተረጊጽካዮ ተመሊሱ እዩ ዝረግጸካ”

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea February 21, 2016

    Yes those who are acting above the law now will one day kneel to it. The saying of Abune Mekarios is is logical. The day of judgment is fast approaching for this merciless mafia group.
    The regime that is led by the mafia boss is draining the nation’s limited wealth to security and mass media to distribute his lies only.
    By the way a new Diga called ” nrhuw tsbahn izi serhina”
    Tib zbelet eaba newela abala.
    A diaper for all of the herd.