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  • Muhammad August 12, 2013

    I think this is what is missing in every one of us. Read what this woman has to say when asked by the journalists:

    “We don’t care about death,” said Galal on Monday afternoon, her hijab resting underneath a rainbow-coloured parasol, her son Saif tugging at her clothes. “We believe in one thing. When your time to die comes, you will die. So will you die as a courageous martyr, or as a coward? That’s the point: we want to die as martyrs.”

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  • Ghezae Hagos August 13, 2013

    What an outstanding job our Eritrean-Canadians ‘deleyti Fithi’ in Alberta, especially, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort Mac and others. Great job organizers. We are proud of you. It is my sincere hope that the great potential of the Eritrea youth residing in that province will be utilized to fight the monstrosity called PFDJ. This act of courage should spur the youth groups there to unite in the true meaning of ‘simret’. Ajokum..Ajona…

    • TheTruth August 13, 2013

      Are these protestors the same ones who are forced to pay their 2% tax under threat and coercion? Doesn’t seem so if they’re protesting against the government. I guess that proves that claim false. Let’s fight PFDJ with truths not lies.

  • temesgen August 13, 2013


    Hagos kisha will collect his funds in Winnipeg this wknd. Fri.Sat.Sun…think a park afternoon on sat and guyla on the other days..

  • Senait August 13, 2013

    “down down Isias” “Isias Must go” many times have we heard this? In my opinion the opposition slogans should change. The oppositions should list what is the priority demand the average people who live inside the country are. Right now they want basic food, electric and they want their son and daughters to let go of the endless military services”.
    My advice is.. instead same slogans over and over on every demonstrations..change your demand to food and others that people really interested to listen..that way you will get support from inside the country. otherwise if my uncle from the village wouldn’t give about what democracy or dictator is all he cares right now is to feed his families and to have his son/daughter from Sawa.