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Voice of Assenna: Analysis of Eritrea’s Political-Economy by Dr Gebre Gebremariam – P 3

Review overview
  • Mike October 22, 2016

    Just a thought –
    “During struggle Eritreans resolve issues by raising arms against each other”….I think the situation we have now is worst that we resolve and settle our disdain towards others by using vile words and tribal division among us. Which is even worst than using bullets like before. This is not to say that “war” is a solution. That fact is – to be careful and simply not to laugh off divisions spreading among Eritreans when your friends bring division of any kind as such.

    Yes- the current system in Eritrea is the source of pain and agony to my beloved nation and people. However, I think the blame falls on each one of us – the “kitchen chef” that spoiled the “dishes” for the first 10 years of independence are us all. The buck stops right with everyone who is now opening his/her mouth these days. . We spoiled and lavished the Eritrean government/system (“dishes”) with praise from the get if they were above and beyond faults. Some even consider and worship the leaders like “gods”. This we, Eritreans, did knowing the leaders were playing with fire. And we are all walking up late and broken. It will take time and scarifies to either patch up the system and keep walking or remove it all from its roots.

  • Berhane October 22, 2016

    DR.Gebre, I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions, you mention the importance of Organization but you didn´t mention the basic limitations of the oppositions and how they could avert those limitations. Here what strageies and tactics you suggest for those who claim themselves as oppositions to be an active force in the country?. Where and from whom these intitiations did come and why?How do you evaluate the influence of the previous armed struggle and antagonistic means? How is the value of indpendence mind set up position of the people and other elities against the actual situation of the country? could you pin point out the actual weakness of the oppositions and how they could mitigate that? Could you think another way of mitigating the weakness and another means of unifying forces of people, to aviod and formulate what you call it people´s democractic government, say the role of Ethiopia and how it should be well coined with the given system, for that matter others too? Do you think Eritrea as now or as yesterdayhistorically? How do you evaluate the historical formation of Eritrea and what is its contribution to the newly democratic Eritrea, just as you mention it with big market and with strong defense capebilities and other influences? Are you still thinking just as the mind set up of Isaias group? Thank you for your good narration!!