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Voice of Assenna: Advice from Eritrean Young Woman manipulated by the PFDJ to fill in the form to Discredit COI & Intv with former Police Negasi Sereke – Part 1

Review overview
  • Wedi Zere January 4, 2016

    Dear Emanuel,
    These are the two best interviewees I have ever heard who are bold enough to expose the atrocities the regime is committing against our people. Its just sad that we become a land of slaves and home of cowards to let all the unpredictable and immeasurable atrocities being committed against our people and do NOTHING about it.
    Shame on us,
    Happy New Year for all,

    • AHMED SALEH !!! January 5, 2016

      Blame nobody but for acting stupid for making self destruction . Animals are better than us who call ourselves humans that lost our soul not to be able feel love and gratitude on our fellows from heartless ambition . Eritreans need to look find inner soul search .
      Our men became cowards to punish their own helpless weak sisters for
      political reason indifference worst than previous foreign occupiers
      even to those who paid their young life for Eritrean cause .
      What do you expect to do with grown up males unless to eradicate them
      for good and disappear from ancestors land . It started from time after
      independence at certain regions while people as asleep in denial .

      • Wedi Zere January 5, 2016

        Well said and said it right.I couldn’t agree more.

  • Hailu January 5, 2016

    I can not wait to hear the second part.
    Ammanuel brilliant job very good interview.

  • Musa Ali January 8, 2016

    Document it and submit it to UNCOI and others to expose what they are desperately doing to cover up their crimes using the very victims of their crimes. This in itself is another violation of human rights of citizens who have the right to get documents ( eg passports) with out a question.