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Review overview
  • Asmera April 1, 2015

    Merhaba Emma dehayka aytehabae

  • yosief April 1, 2015

    Ajokum ajona qeribna ena

  • nati April 2, 2015

    proud of you Deleyti Fitihi! Gobalil nskum ikum!

  • Wedi Hagher April 5, 2015

    The presentation made by the gentlemen was impressive. However, they were very careful not to anger Higdefites. if we want really solve our problems we have face the truth. Truth and justice should be the basis on which we should base our unity.
    The regime uses different ways of punishing different groups in the country. For instance, if you happen to be a Moslem who went to a Middle Eastern University and apply for a government job in Eritrea, even if you are an Engineer graduated from a prestigious collage, the government will deny you right to equal employment opportunity in the domain of your profession. The few jobs usually offered to such people are: a teacher in elementary school, a translator in Arabic, a clerical job in Ministry of religious affairs (spying in Mosque), a spy with National Security Office (spying on fellow Moslems anywhere) ..etc. If you refuse these jobs, then you have to leave the country before one day you disappear, accused of being a member of Jihad. Now, when some Moslem elites insist the regime is sectarian, and others do not agree, we have a problem there. Those who refuse to characterize the regime as sectarian say, the regime is an equal opportunity oppressor.
    Those who accuse the regime of specifically targeting them as Moslems say, they are suffering from its divisive policies.
    This is one of the many such sticking points people need to discuss openly and find a solution for, because it causes a lot of mistrust and delays the much needed change in our country.

  • Tesfit April 7, 2015

    Dear Assenna,
    Pop-up messages (for polls and other things) could be irritating if non-stop.
    Please limit pop-up messages, to may be a few times a week.