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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ፍሉይ መልእኽቲ ሓርበኛ ተጋዳላይ ብርሃነ ኣብርሀ ንህዝቢ ኤርትራን ንውልቀምለኣኺ ኢሳይያስ ን – ካብ ኣስመራ

Review overview
  • yemane September 6, 2018

    I praude of him he is a supper hero

  • sele September 6, 2018

    me too

  • Berhe Tensea September 6, 2018

    Miracle, one brave Eritrean is speaking up, this is hard to believe , as slaves are only expected to obey and kneel down only..

    • Goitom September 6, 2018

      Who are the slaves then? Not the whole of Eritrean people.
      You must also be one of the slaves who has obeyed and knelt down all his poor coward life.

  • Sam September 6, 2018

    This is an alarm bell to wake up for the motherland.A call from Freedom Patriot and Father.Acall of pledging for DUTY to save the Kind Motherland.