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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ጽላሎቱ ዘይኣምን ስርዓት – ብጽላል ካብ ሕመኣ

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea November 12, 2017

    Thank you very much for your excellent contribution. Yes the regime or Iseyas fears its own shadow . Dictators are the most coward creatures, that is why they don’t hesitate to kill and commit crime..
    The Eritrean dictator residence like small stadium with hundreds of lights, lighting to the outside so that incoming people could be seen easily by the guards who are standing all night in the cold.
    Death to the Tembenay and his puppies .

  • tebaraber hadera November 12, 2017

    Of course Isaias afewerki is the enemy of Eritrean people. But again who would doubt that. The missing part is his motive. Dictatorship and the like must be rejected as valid reason because a dictator oppresses people but does not clean the country of its people because he needs them to serve his whims. Nor does his expressed reason that he is holding on to power because woyane refused to abide by the decision of the EEBC does not hold water. First and foremost, he was the one who handed Badme to woyane. Second, for the last seventeen years he did not take it back by power. Third, he is driving out the young who can push woyane out. Fourth, The Algiers agreement precludes any use of military. force.

    • shilan November 14, 2017

      Tebaraber Hadera, you make better points and sense than “tsemam hade derfu” ignorant Berhe Mote savage evil Arab slave dog and lifelong servant of the bastard barbarian Arab slave masters. Ignorant Berhe Mote should be sent back to Tembeyen to be stoned to death and to rot in his original Tembiyen. Death to criminal Arab foot soldier Berhe Mote hatella.

      • sami November 16, 2017

        Well said Shilan the great, this dikhala Arab berhe dirbay will be punished by Tembeins. This idiot forgets that he speaks Tigray tigrigna b/s he is simply Tigrayan. Why isn’t the dumb idiot berhe fesam not speaking Eritrigna or Chinese/Singaporean language then? He is only denying his Tigrayan background to just please a few moslim Arabs.