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Voice of Assenna: ዜና – ርእይቶታት ኣበርከትን ሰማዕትን – Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review overview
  • Mesinas May 29, 2015

    ስርዓት ህግደፍ፡ ካብቶም ቅድሚኡ ዝነበሩ ባዕዳውያን ገዛእቲ ብዝኸፍአን ብዝበዘሐን መልክዑ ንህዝብና የሀልቕ ከም ዘሎ ዘይፈልጥ ኤርትራዊ እንተሎ፡ ከምቲ መላኺ ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ ዝበሎ ናብ ካልእ ፕላነት ከይዱ ኣሎ ማለት’ዩ! እዚ ኣሰቃቂ ነገር ኣብ ሃገርና፡ ኣብ ህዝብና ይፍጸም ከም ዘሎ ስለ ንፈልጥ ኢና ንምልኪ ንቃወም ዘለና’ምበር ብውልቂ ንነብስናስ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ብሓቂ ተንኪፉና ኣይፈልጥን’ዩ! ንኣኻ ስለ ዝጠዓመካ ጥራይ ኣሕቢርካ ‘ጽቡቕ ኣለና’ ኪትብል ግን ሕልና ወዲ ሰብ ዚፈቕዶ ተግባር ኣይኮነን!

  • Michael May 29, 2015

    Norway is just useless pro dictators country.

  • Michael Tesfamariam May 29, 2015

    There is no evidence to say Norway is known for its good humanitarian deeds. This is the country that has been propping up millions of dollars to the most evil regimes around the world. It is funny to hear people keep saying Norway is a moral country. Well, it depends who you ask .But the fact of the matter is this is the country that has been pampering heinous regimes from Nazi Germany to dictators and extremists in the Middle East like Hamas and horn Africa like HGDEF. There is no empirical or logical evidence to support that Norway is a source good as opposed to source of evil. This is the only European country that allied with the most corrupt and murderous regime in Eritrea. It is not all about domestic political ideology in Norway, whether it is the right or left wing, they are always on the wrong side of history. The political correctness and appeasement or hypocrisy in Norway is deeply rooted in its political culture. It clams it doing humanitarian activities all where ever it goes, but if you carefully observe and assess the real contribution of the Norwegian successive governments, you will find the opposite. So, It doesn’t surprise me when the Norwegian government now is planning to engage a dialogue with the world’s most oppressive regime in Eritrea to settle the refuge issue.