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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ዕለታዊ መደብ – ዜናን ቃለመጥየቕን – ርእይቶን , Monday, Aug 27, 2018

Review overview
  • Ehab Haile August 29, 2018

    Game over no more headlines your masters are dead and buried.

  • Medhane Mussie September 2, 2018

    Please do not meddle in Ethiopian affairs by aligning yourself with Weyane. A nation can only make agreements with a nation, not with a faction of a political party. The agreement between the two nations, Ethiopia and Eritrea, happened because of the readiness between the government of Ethiopia and Eritrea. People have never participated in any peaceful negotiation or conflicts.
    Why you are sawing hatred among people by stating Isayas is talking with “Abiy and Amhara”. Ignorance is dangerous.
    Do you know most people in Seraye and Hamassien are originally from Gonder/Denbyia, Gojam and some from Tigray? Do not say Amhara…Amhara…Amhara, They are our forefathers.

    The negotiation between the people in Zelambesa and Serha happened because of the peace agreement signed between Isayas and Abiy. The people can not sign an agreement but build upon the opportunity created by the official agreements between the heads of the governments.

    • rahwa September 2, 2018

      Medhane Mussie, You don’t want Eritreans to meddle in Ethiopians affairs by aligning with Weyane? First, no justice seeking Eritrean is doing anything of that nature. We know Weyane is an Ethiopian issue. If we have gone to war against Ethiopia and we know Weyane is part of that, any peace agreement should automatically include the Tigrayan who are our close neighbors. Who are you? Are you Eritrean or Ethiopian? If you are Eritrean, what do you think the amharas and the oromos are doing when they talk nonsense about our issues and Eritreans who advocate for justice? Eritrea is our business. We will talk about it and about our people. If you don’t like that go hang yourself. Then you say people have never participated in any peaceful negotiation or conflict. What do you even mean? Do you know what you are saying? People ruled by a legitimate government do not necessarily need to sit at a table to sign any documents because they have a parliament or any such thing that represents them. In our case the people is not represented. Eritreans want peace. But no one heard their voice. Their concerns were neglected and they have been backstabbed. iseyas is the only person who is dealing with the so called peace agreement which has not even adhered to mandatory procedures. So think before you open your mouth.

      • rahwa September 2, 2018

        By the way, if you want to be amaharay or oromo, you can go ahead and be whatever you want But remember we are Eritreans. And proud to be, too.