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Voice of Assenna: ከመይ ቀኒኺ ሃገረይ! – Monday, May 4th, 2015

Review overview
  • yohannes May 5, 2015

    The title of the video is Very appropriate and to the point. Eritrea and Eritrean people should not be subjected to such deprivation of human life, resources and over all degradation and humiliation at the expense of few: Esaya and his cronies. How far and how much are we ready to sacrifice our youth? It is long over due!!!

    Let us unite for a common goal to defeat this evil and establish a free and democratic society.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! May 5, 2015

    Unfortunately these young Eritrean generation grew up different than ours in unforgiving atmosphere which caused a sense of unfairness , powerlessness and alienation .
    If the government with its supporters keep deny the catalyst of
    their protest which brought the tragic death in Land And SEA ,
    this national miseries will continue because of the knowledgeable
    and influential men/women alleged roles for their politically charged arrogance .
    History will judge them as guilty as the higher ups for all the crimes
    committed on innocent lives .
    Mesiluwom imber abza chenawit kulu halafay iyu
    Ab 60tat , 70tat , 80tat kheman wedi seb kemey chekan
    kemukhanu hizbna zehlefo temokro iyu
    Amlakh kab eid ezom sheytawinti yeghelaghlena
    KemeUwn nixehnetna nikhinhulu HAYLI yihabena

  • Amleset H. May 5, 2015

    The Eritrean youth are dying because they are too materialistic and want to get the latest design cloths, i-pods, X-boxes, mobile phones and other latest electrical goods. Period.

    The Eritrean Diaspora have to blame themselves as well for financing and encouraging their young families unsafe journey. For God sake lets not forget that these people are paying up to $5,000 dollars for one person and where do these so called poor and unemployed youth get that sort of money? Time for all to take responsibility and look properly in the mirror and find lasting solutions without blaming others.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! May 5, 2015

    Their upbringing is different than ours which become hard to some
    of us on identifying the root problem of Eritrean refugee exodus .
    My young brother who escape in defiance of HGDF militarization and forced labor to suffer hardship at strange neighboring countries know that he can get designer wear , electronic devices
    If he stays home with our parents .
    But the time he became a refugee like everybody else , the whole
    family suffered with anxiety on his well being for years until we succeeded to save him from that insecure place .
    To save your loved one at any cost it takes is a matter of family
    obligation . And I wish you don’t go through that painful experience
    especially like those who lost life time earned money for failed attempts to find them dead at the hands of smugglers and at their
    journey to cross the sea . But you can’t blame them for trying than
    suffer self guilt consciousness .
    Chira baela harima baela teEwuy kem zitebahale
    Higi dima nezom menieseyat defiEna axdifnayom keyiAkl
    Temelisna dukhum mekniyatat hizna halewlew yitrefena
    Ghdayat izom ahwatna bikelilu ziwudaE aykonen
    Amlakh ab zelewuwo idu yenbrelom ember zefrh halewat
    enateazebna kem PAPAGHALO zereba kahadti hgdfwian
    tekhetilna ab sekay ahwatna mexwat intay Ina khoyna zelona
    antum sebat , kurub eba nestewEl , nirahreh kem deki ADAM .

  • yohannes May 6, 2015


    I believe your comment is naive and superficial. You have to see the root cause of it. Every Human being strives for a better life, that is fact. It is not wrong for any body to try to achieve that, that is the history of humanity.

    However, the Eritrea’n case is exasperated by the condition in Eritrea, unlimited and undefined national service; economic depravity and lack of opportunity; lack of rule of law and social justice. I am sure if you were a youngster in 20 years national service, with little pay, denied of the right to move in freedom and hunted by foreign junta in your home town, will do the same.

    May be you need to look in your mirror closely and ask your self what would have I done in such situation. I quote “Take out the log in your eyes before you look the speck in other eyes”. When you look at the mirror and don’t see Esayas or Higdef, then you are just sorry to say it, “Misguided”.

  • yohannes May 6, 2015

    Furthermore, your comment “The Eritrean youth are dying because they are too materialistic and want to get the latest design cloths, i-pods, X-boxes, mobile phones and other latest electrical goods. Period.” is down right cruel and offensive!!! What ever you think of the issue be respectful for those who perished. Other thing don’t undermine Eritrean youth by singling out and labelling them “materialistic”. Every body, I repeat everybody including you is “materialistic” more or less. Don’t you aspire to get much more from this world? Either your are not genuine, naive or impartial; You better look at your mirror once again. PERIOD