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Voice of Assenna: ከመይ ቀኒኺ ሃገረይ -ሕልምና ተኻሒዱ፣ ስግኣትና ተጋሂዱ! – Mon 18, May 2015 – Part 3

Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH !!! May 18, 2015

    The past is not that important factor at this moment but the experience which taught
    us summon a new spirit of patriotism has great importance .
    Our people love their country to defend from outside forces even after independence
    because it was unknown and they felt it is in constant danger . But Issayas with his
    sinister agenda outsmarted the entire EPLF organization members to take full control .
    It is sad many patriots paid hell heavy price under our nose to see patriotism die slowly .
    Regardless those arrogant sold outs , insensitive humans with fabricated nationalism
    routine prepare for celebration GUAYLA while their society mourn for their children death
    at high sea and strange lands , responsible people with moral obligation consider their
    activity as the enemy of truth and facts in our society .
    Time urge us summon a new spirit to commemerate the real Eritrean patriotism to dedicate
    on the principle of our nation foundation .

  • Harnet May 19, 2015

    First, I wanted to thank Amanuel for your comments at the beginning of the program and also want to thank T/y Habtemariam Berhe for his service to Eritrea and for sharing his experience in this interview.
    H/mariam has made it clear, we, Eritreans have to come together the same way we did in the past to resolve our problems. Youth…Stop running, avoiding your problem never solve your problem. My dear youth, either way you are paying heavy price. You are dying in Sahara, Sinai, Libya, ISIS and Mediterranean sea.
    Even when you get to Italy, your problem doesn’t end there. Most of youth in Italy and France end up homeless and to see them sleep on railroad and tents on the street is just painful. The number of Eritreans that are homeless in the USA has also increased. You thought once you get to EU or USA your problems will end, all that is happening is your problem is been replaced by another one. You now have to learn to survive amongst people who don’t want you or who you don’t understand you. The lack of Education and lack of life experience puts you in great disadvantage to learn the ways of this new world.
    Then, you find out that you might be a victim here too. The number of Eritreans that are been murdered due to hate crime in Europe has increased. Europeans are also making plans to deport you back to Africa after all that you have been through or even worst bomb the boats that might carry out of Libya. You are unwelcomed guest or a nuisance to them and as such you are treated poorly.
    Even refugees that come from the refugee camps are in disadvantage. In the US, they are placed amongst criminals in crime ridden neighborhoods, where many of their kids will become victims. Just like the refugees of the eighties and nineties, these kids will have to join gangs to protect themselves and many will wind up either in prison or dead.
    From outside Europe and America look like heaven, but once you get here; it is a different story. This is why we are losing so many young people who have crossed Sahara and Mediterranean sea to suicide and to alcohol etc.
    So, my dear young people, only your country is your country and only your people are your people. The previous generation was able to free Eritrea and you are more than capable of doing the same or better. Please stop running and start thinking … if you don’t, we will be lost as people for good.