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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ኤርትራውያን፡ ሃገር እንከለና ሃገር ስኢንና – by Tsilal from USA

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  • Mike April 10, 2018

    Dear Assenna,

    This topic has been burning in my heart. Well done and well said. Assenna and whoever contributed such item is brilliant. I have come across many people from Eritrea and Ethiopia living a life of fear and lie. If anyone is not honest as to why they left their birth place, they are most likely losing sharing a life full of freedom and their own presence will be a slippery slop. We all know the saying “little white lie” – but what I hear, almost always, is absolutely appalling. In fact, I have hard time believing and trusting anyone – I practice “trust and verify” mind set regardless of who I come in contact with.

    Assenna – well done on this one!