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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ኣብ ውሽጢ ህግሓኤ – መበቆል `ህዝባዊ ሰልፍን` ተርኡን – ብ Dan Connel – ብሩት ሃብተማርያም ዝተተርጎመ – Part 1

Review overview
  • Z. Hagos April 14, 2018

    We Eritreans have to be open-minded and review the facts seriously:
    What Dan Connell wrote is Isaias’s version. Dan Connell wrote that in 1980’s the EPLF distanced itself from Marxism. Finally, in Himbol meeting the EPLF decided to totally stop socialist political education. By 1989, the EPLF’s secret Marxist party ceased to function and in its place the EPLF mass members started to be organized under PFDJ as umbrella and not as political party.
    The only communist party in Africa is the Sudanese communist party and this party supported and stood by the ELF’s labor party (semi-secret party), which many of its ex-members are still alive and can facts can be verified with. In the ELF’s liberated areas, communist literature were openly distributed and read, while the EPLF was against openly reading such literature and books.
    The Arab Gulf countries and the West were pro-EPLF and against the ELF. Jaafar Nimeiry of Sudan, who was against the Sudanese communist party, was openly pro-EPLF.
    Now, therefore, most Eritreans believe there not any secret Marxist party within the EPLF. If there was any, it was only one man party and that was Isaias Party.

    • Nahon April 14, 2018

      Most of what is publicly known history in Eritrea about the Eritrean Revolution and ELF is written and disseminated by EPLF.
      Much of it, used to indoctrinate the young people in Sawa, is very cheap and malicious propaganda.
      Although now many people know that Iseyas has alway been a divisive figure, it will take them decades to understand how his lies and intrigues have been pitting people. against each other from day one.
      The longer it takes them to understand that his version of history is mostly cooked up the more they will remain divided, and obviously because of all that their suffering will continue.

  • tadesse April 16, 2018

    still many people say, there was a party. but I still argue, it was not a political party. it was a security entity. an entity within an organisation. For those who claim, it was a political party, what was its programme? was it different from the programme of the organisation? have they ever had regular meeting other than that done before the meeting of the big organisation? Does it ever had a structure? have they ever amended or effectively discussed the internal programme? the answer is no.
    a security entity do not have its own programme. it only works to protect the leaders and their interest. and that was the job of the “called Party”. so please readers, do not mislead with the old false discourse.