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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ኣባላት ሓይሊ ባሕሪ ኤርትራ ናይ 3 ወርሒ ዕረፍቲ – ምብጻሕ 1ይ ሚኒስተር ጥልያን Fri, Oct 12, 2018

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  • Genet-Original October 13, 2018

    Eritrean navy is given timeout, by the traitor, backstabber, fifth columnist, deserter, mole, snitch, double agent, Judas, benedict Isaias Afwerki, snake in the grass, two timer and rat will be executed.
    Where are the generals? Where is the EDF? Don’t go home. Fight him now. If you go home, Ethiopians who didn’t defeat you via war will take your positions. He is not one of you. He is selling Eritrea which her people bleed and died for more than 50 years is being sold in the black market. Don’t leave your post no matter what. Leaving your post means equally deserting our beloved Eritrea. We all know that other forces are in the play just like the 1950/60s, but benedict Isaias Afwerki didn’t need to do what he is doing. But he is a traitor who is selling Eritrea, he is doing worst than the outside forces want him to do. Get it right and fight back. Don’t make it easy for him. DIA is a snake in the grass and he may turn around and blame you. Don’t leave your posts. if any yes men come near you, you know what to do. This is not about you or any one else. It is about our MARTYRS, PEOPLE AND ERITREA. You can’t give up your country and try to get it back. It doesn’t work that way. Save Eritrea now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It may feel the end of the world for us Eritreans, but always we do come back with GOD almighty helps. GOD also wants you to protect your country and your home.