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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ኣበይ ኣሎ ብርሃነ ! – Poem by Amanuel Eyasu

Review overview
  • Abrehaley Asheber October 2, 2018

    40 years Freedom Fighter Berhane, is a very long run logic – minded courageous Eritrean, a Man of his Heart, a Husband and a Father, spoke the Truth on behalf of all us. He may have very strong confidence that history will be kinder to him than Esayas.

  • rezen October 2, 2018

    I just finished hearing YOU with that HEART THROBBING Poetry on Berhane Abrehe
    I have no words – NO ONE CAN HAVE – for the emotion that I felt with your message – only TEARS can do THAT. At the end, I can only SILENTLY & HONESTLY muse >>> “WHY ARE WE ERITREANS SO UNLUCKY ? WHY? WHY? WHY.?

  • Temesgen October 2, 2018

    We salute our Eritrean hero Berhane Abreha for standing up to a bully dictator & his boot lickers. A desperate bully like DIA will try to use scare tactics to coerce us into submission. Eritreans are ready to confront the bully and take the fight to his door steps until is gone.

  • senkam October 2, 2018

    What a skill. What a great job !
    Eritreans failings is succinctly described in this poem. What does it take for Eritreans to act ? I remained puzzled by this question every single day for more than a decade. Why are Eritreans not able to create social movement and take their country back. simple questions complex or no answer. All of the notable people in the opposition are ambushing any opportunity that topples the criminal pfdj rule through its (pfdj) own accustomed reckless moves and extreme contempt of the people to seize power and become the next pfdj.

    had they believed in the Rule of law, they wouldn’t be locked in the stalemate they are in, in fact they have been for the last two decades. Their mind is set with winners and loser’s state. We can’t have all winners an option. If you believed everything is based on law and it governs every affair in the land then you wouldn’t care who will assume power. No matter who will be, it will be according to what the law prescribes which everyone has to abide by. And, it is this very fact that keeps the opposition in suspicion of each other with near 100 % mistrust. They rather take power and be makers of rules how others has to live under their subjugation.

    The rest of the people has given up on the opposition. rightly so. But, we the people has to elevate our game and create civic organizations that help us coordinate the social movement and to make sure the public movement is able to assume power, stabilize the country, and similarly implement the constitution. Of course this is not as soft and simple as it is described in this script, But still it has to able to stand all forms of challenge, because no amount of upheaval can destabilize the center of gravity of the people.

    Let’s go organize people. Together we will achieve great things in less time.

  • Thomas October 7, 2018

    Amaniel Hri Hray Gitmi Miritsty tibehal! excellent poem Mr. Amanuel Iyassu……I hope it gets into each good ears like soft music! it is so touching and moving to any concerned Eritrean who is just vigilant and nation Loving citizen. It tells how bad you felt, and that it triggered out your poetry talent. It happens at rare times!
    Kabzi Ninew Nabey? Tebeges Nfthi Belo Nhafash!