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Review overview
  • Genet-Original November 2, 2018

    Hi Everyone
    Dear Eritrean brothers and sisters. I asked a question about the Ambassador, because I want our people to have a productive discussion and come up to a problem solving mode. As we Eritreans know, we are all in a great danger of losing our country and identity as a society. This is not the time to speak of division in any form or shape. We need each other more than ever, if we want to survive the dark cloud hanging over our heads. I am disappointed and saddened by the name calling responses to Simon G grievance about the Ambassador. Why anyone thinks his respond is motivated by region? It is a weakness to attack a person rather than challenging the idea. I agree with Assenna. I think it is vital to challenge each other anytime, but we need to do it with respect.

    At this time, our sisters, mothers and daughters in Eritrea are in a great danger of being exploited. When is the right time to come together, if it is not now? We like it or not the former EPLF/ELF leaders and all the mindless mass of DIA supporters are part of us. We can’t push them away to any corner of the world. They can’t push us away either. If we think we can succeed without them on board, we are gravely mistaken. We have to be fair and impartial. Does it hurt, yes like hell, but for the sake of our country and people, we need to come to a grip.

    Do I know which village the Ambassador came from in Eritrea? I don’t know and I don’t care. All I know is his analysis is good. Did he do wrong, while he was part of DIA’s circle? Well, who didn’t. Everybody is contaminated. Now, let us swallow our pride and get along. Former EPLF leaders have been irresponsible by not coming out sooner and REPENT. They killed valuable time wishy washing. Now, here we are hanging in cliff. We need to be smart and honest with each other. Again, I am willing to listen to everyone with a good idea that helps everyone to make a difference. Otherwise, what is the alternative?

  • Simon G. November 3, 2018

    Assenna team,
    My apology. I admit, it was an emotional response.

  • Simon G. November 3, 2018

    I agree Geneta!
    I have my own faults as well but never it is regional. It just means Count over here and I work 2 counties apart from where I live. It is meaningless.
    Thanks for the advice!

    • Mahta November 3, 2018

      Simon G,

      Something is not changing about you.It is good you apologize but may not be enough you need to get rid off this bad thoughts. We talk about this a lot of times, you need to move on and leave this guy alone, we have a lot bigger enemy, who is ready to sell the country all together, lets concentrate on that reesi akat zekonka seb! one more thing please don`t use another clown tadesse kidane as your refrence! Geneta the original one selam ile iye!

      • Genet Original November 5, 2018

        I hope “reesi akat” means a friendly tease, Because akat is not a pretty fruit.

        • Mahta November 5, 2018

          Simon is my good friend even though we don’t get alone most of the time, he is reesi Akat by all means though, having saying that Akat is my favourite fruit.

        • Simon G. November 7, 2018

          Don’t worry about Mahta (personal lawyer of Andexelam).
          He stays hibernated for so long (I am sure he has other nicks…) and as soon as Andexelam’s name mentions, he is there.
          Come on, Mahta. Defend people like Haile the Great of the Bihere Seraye or General Biteweded.

          • Mahta November 10, 2018

            Simon, why would I need another nick? By the way do you know the ambassador in person?or have you ever worked with him?Walas behekiya teray ika Tefelto? I have never defended andebrhan because of his past it is only I have to defend him because what he was doing now. I don’t support him either to be the leader of the opposition camp but I would support him with reach knowledge to educate the people, which he can do it effectively! We just need people like him, his presentation in the meeting is evident. But if you ask me if he gets my support to be the next president? I would say no, because I believe the old guards must give the power to the next generation. So it got nothing to do with seraye hamassien… Finally,My brother I am not defending him I am defending his right!!! Have a good weekend!

    • Genet Original November 5, 2018

      Simon G.
      It takes a big person to say I am sorry. Thank you. It is the most emotional time for us all Eritreans. I didn’t think you were being a regional oriented.

      Regarding the closing of Asmara University, I don’t think it was one person’s fault. It was clearly part of DIA’s bigger plan to takedown the Eritrean society. What better way was there, than to take down University. However, DIA had two un wise and egomaniac Eritrean men. to help him. My understanding is the Ambassador was the University’s president at that time. The late Haile Woldetensae (RIP) was a foreign minister. The tale of our country’s University was told as a tragic regional problem. But there was other signs that told the story as two men’s ego which helped to facilitate the destruction of the only University. This is what triggered the laying of the staff and kicking the students out. Foreign minister, Haile Woldetensae came to Asmara University and called for meeting without checking in with the president or without following “protocol”. Supposedly, Andebrhan made the decision to layoff all the staff and resulted in the closing of Asmara University. It begs the question, how did this happen? Did those two men discuss the issue? Or DId their ego got in the way and caused the tragic history?

      If anyone has a different story than the one I have, tell us. We can all learn and put any misunderstanding behind. We don’t have the time for foolishness. “A house divided against itself, can’t stand” Lincoln (it is also in the Bible) .

  • Danny A November 3, 2018

    Dear Genet-original,

    Thank you for your level-headed, passionate and articulate comment. I share your concerns as well as your hopes. The Eritrean people, wherever they may be, deserve peace and respect.. The current dictatorial group delivered death and destruction to our undeserving people instead. One such destruction is the alteration of the good natured culture of our ancestors to the insult hurling, hate spewing and ignorance promoting culture that we witness everywhere Eritreans gather these days. Your comment was a ray of light through a huge dark cloud hovering over our existence as people. Keep it up sis.

    • Genet Original November 5, 2018

      Danny A
      Thank you for your input.

  • Tesfai November 5, 2018

    In my opinion, I don’t dear to say Dr Andebrhane has no any mistake in his career. Should he had supported the G-15, I would say of course. Why hadn’t supported them? In an interview on Asmarino, Dr Andebrehan said: “he had a difference of strategy with the group.” Could a difference of strategy be a reason why he hadn’t sided with them? I think it could be as I believe that one’s decision is a choice which leads to the right or the wrong way, Whatever the case, I, however, see he is one of the most coherent and consistent people that Eritrea has ever… He is logical and a very good argumentative. Here, on the video, he is advocating for the whole notion without distinction I see for some of us this is not good enough, they prefer to doubt his origin. it is irrelevant to question the origin of Dr Andeberhan, If anyone has a question, it is better to ask his family, his village, his awraja. Even better, the house of Adkem melega, the addi Higgi(Land of Law) in Seraye.. There, you will be served without any hesitation. with open mind and appropriate answer

      • TESFAI November 6, 2018

        Dear Assenna team; please read what I have written and what was written by others about Dr Andeberhan. My position or intention is to be fair and not narrow-mindedness. if you take anybody in the position of Dr Andeberhan who have been in the heart of the Eritrean struggle for more than 4o years, what do you feel,? How is it fair to doubt his identity? I have not a problem whether you agree or disagree with his opinion and political stands. Nevertheless, I think the right thing to do is to tell that he is a man with a proud identity. Justice is better served when it is properly treated. Is this narrow-mindedness. I don’t think so.