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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ሳክቲዝም – ምቅላዕ ምስሉያትን ዕሱባትን ህግደፍ – ሃገራዊ ድሕነት ዶ ሃገራዊ ጥፍኣት?

Review overview
  • Z. Hagos February 10, 2018

    Many people confirm that Alem Goitom of is financed by the regime and that his connection is Zemhret Yohannes. People are awaiting confirmation of that connection, which connection is serving the regime by using all dirty politics against the opposition. He is also serving the regime by collecting sensitive information and reporting it to the regime. If confirmed, the FBI should be involved because he is endangering Eritrean Americans who are travelling to Eritrea to visit their families.

    • Michael Tesfamariam February 11, 2018

      “,,,serving the regime by using all dirty politics against the opposition.”

      Well, I wish you were right but the fact of the matter is there is no opposition to conspire against and if that is his alleged crime he doesn’t have to worry of being punished then. Lets not just fool ourselves with something that doesn’t exist at all. Why would you pick non-existing “opposition” while the biggest and most heinous crimes were being perpetrated against the people at home? You should rather document and keep track of all those individual citizens, who have been involved in the crime by serving the regime as secrete agents, who lied and made many innocent men and women detained and vanished without any hint.

      • Dani amiche February 11, 2018

        You are right Michael, I agree with whole heartedly and I happen to know a
        few secret agents of the regime in Asmara, I even have their photos and address.

        • Simon G February 12, 2018

          Michael Tesfamariam and Dani amiche,
          You guys have no souls. You are people with inferiority complex. I may just say got to hell. You will have your time in Eritrea’s pot dictator isayas’s court.

          • Michael Tesfamariam February 12, 2018

            I doubt you have basic knowledge of the term “inferiority complex”? You shouldn’t have used it to attack people like me and Daniel who you know nothing about, had you had a basic grasp of it. Why wouldn’t you shut up and learn if you cant bring up a cogent argument to make a point. The term Inferiority complex is perfectly reflected in your approach and manner and with the way you reacted to these simple facts I and Daniel were trying to make.

          • Dani amiche February 12, 2018

            Bravo and thanks Michael, you have really straighten out and put in his place. But you you should also have prescribed him some medications for his inferiority complex which if not properly and urgently medicated it might cause him more damages and harms. It is quite safe to say he won’t be bothering us with his new found knowledge and wisdom since you’ve sorted him out.

    • Gezae February 12, 2018

      I am in complete awe of the ignorance and hypocrisy of your campaign, and the absolutely disgusting tactics you used. You have lost your moral value to affluence and excitement. As a politician I believe that politics by itself is not a dirty game; but of course when played by dirty likes you, politics can indeed become dirty. I hate it, dirty Politics is basically when dirty politicians use not very nice tactics that defaming respected and patriotic country people using the media. But perhaps the ugliest thing is about the alligation/treatment and campaign of the by the TPLF/Woyane puppets. However, your dirty campaigning isn’t new of course. But, that could cause a rebound effect.

      It is astonishing to allow yourselves to be a tool for the repugnant dirty people. I know, you might have heard that one dirty fish makes the whole pond dirt OR where half of the bag is filled with rotten tomatoes spoils the good one in it. Because of some of your dirty politicians, your whole politics is being looked futile. And as a result mud-slinging has become the norm in your opposition politics..