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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ሳክቲዚም – ተስፋ ሚልዮናት ዝመጸዩ ቢልዮነራት – 2ይ ክፋል

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea February 3, 2018

    Eritrea is under the control of bandits who are looting its resources and wealth , while the general population remain in deep poverty.
    The Eritrean people continue to remain in ignorance and deep darkness for hundreds of years,
    Colonizer after colonizer exploits and enslaves us to this day. As long as we remain cowards and ignoran , and stupid the agony will continue.
    Death to the prince of Sekota , and gang friends.

  • Berhe Tensea February 5, 2018

    Yemane monkey”s real name is Yemane Asgezheng Meshesha. according to a post in gerger com by Ghirmay Kidane Wedi Philipo.
    Death to the prince of Sekota and his friends,