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  • Berhe Tensea September 26, 2017

    Happy holiday to Amanuel Iyasu and his associates, the Tewahdo followers.
    Death to Bashai Lema and the worst enemy of the Eritrean people and its religion..

  • Nahon September 27, 2017

    Happy Meskel Day to all Eritreans !!
    Amaniel, what is the message you want pass by showing Meskel in Eritrea and Ethiopia ?

  • Haile Asgedom September 28, 2017

    Our Brothers and Sisters of Metahit Kebessa Tigre Tigry Bahri Habesha, when our beloved Ancesstors using HO for Meskel and New Year, they had a reason to prounce it. Now, our People they haven’t chance to prounce it. The reason it is simple evident , they don’t have Right to move, to live in Peace. So you pretend to have Right, Dignity,Freedom, try to unite the People,that devided by Colonialist and Amhara King menelik 2, In this moment every body shout for the Colonial action , who devide , killed our Ancesstors. Therefore it is time to reflect strictly for Unity the People of Metahit Kebessa Tigre Tigry Bahri Habesha. this is from Sahel Nakfa to Amba Alage – Enderta – Makele- Aksum. No Border, No Border, No Border between our beloved People from Beylul, Aseb to Temben. Welkayt. In this time is necessary to be more Clever, to distingush for Unity, Peace to sayfe the Life of beloved Brothers and Sisters who are deying in the Street, Sea Mediteranian, if not we are going to be invade again by Colonialist, looke what is going in Libia. So ready for Unity the People from Bahri Melash to Weha Melash.Do you know this idea, topic? ask and Reflect over, than to hate each other. We are with you, the Front Metahit Kebessa Tigre Tigry B. Habesha love for Unity of these People for Peace, Development, Progress to defend their Freedom. Zer’ay Deress Death in Rome, why? he is killed, because he defend Right, Dignity,Freedom of his Beloved People. Anta eziWeddi kindey- ydefr- ab ma’ekel Roma- Bguradde zitsefr , this is written over the Strre of Rome. So Brothers and Sisters be ready for Unity of your beloved People.