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Voice of Assenna: ምሕረት ክንስኺ ዶ ተነፍገኪ ድሕነት! – Dedicated to Mihret Iyob, by Amanuel Eyasu

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  • almazina April 16, 2017

    Rip mihret our symbol of resisstance to tyranny. Those who caused all the pains onto u will pay Dearly. We shall not rest untill they are all panished severly for all the pain they inflicted to u and others.

  • Kiki Tzeggai April 16, 2017

    Dear Mehret:
    Many of your students, friends and comrades say that there was something about you they will never find in anyone else.
    We all saw the meaning of friendship and loyalty in you. Your gradual loss of focusing in self, and feeling empathy for others made you leave the warmth of your family and join the liberation war. Your identifying with your people’s pain culminated in a conscious decision to offer your life in order to free Eritrea.
    I can claim to have grown up in your parents’ house. My best friend being your younger sister Ararat. That house holds the most cherished memories of my teen years. Your – Dad, Dr. Eyob and your Mom Mamma Lul- always smiling at the many, many friends we use to crowd your living room. The boxes of fresh fruits always available for our never ending snacks.
    Being a teacher like you by profession, I know that the best journeys for our students are answers to questions they never even began to ask. You have left a constructive mark in each of your students’ hearts as this broadcast testifies to.
    I remember meeting you in Sahel while you were a freedom fighter. Your voice was the same calm and sweet voice. Your evergreen smile. When I look back, in my mind the weapon hanging in your shoulder looked more like a violin you used to play the symphony of freedom. A freedom you offered to Eritrea and Eritreans.
    Mehret, you knew that our struggle was a very long one. One made of battles, of hopes crushed and hopes re-built. I learn from you that the road to our ideal Eritrea is long and it requires to learn and walk hand-in-hand and take it one-step-at-a-time.
    I leave you by letting you know that we are working hard in creating a day called “Eritrean Veterans’ Day” to honour all of you. Our Martyrs and all the Veterans survivors.
    I thank you for your part in my journey. Eritreans like you exposed many of us to basic kindness and to a profound sense of giving.
    Hafteekhy, Kiki Tzeggai

  • Huriya April 20, 2017

    Rest In Peace teacher Mihret Eyob.