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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ማይን ሑጻን መታርፍቲ: መታሓሳሰቢ ንሓይልታት ምክልኻልን፡ ንመላእ ህዝቢ ኤርትራን

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  • Berhe Tensea November 23, 2017

    The Eritrean army will not stand along side the people. The army is composed of slaves who were tormented and abused and incapable doing anything.
    It is very hard to say that Eritrea has an army at this moment. The high ranking officials are very busy in accumilatingwealth as much as they can before Iseyas is gone because of sickness or old age ,
    There will be no hope from the army whose members are fleeing to Ethiopia in their hundreds every month.
    The people who are silent deserve what get.
    Death to the Tembenis

  • JOMMY November 23, 2017

    YOU PUT IT SO RIGHT. THE army if there is one. They are so coward even when their siblings die when they cross the Mediterranean they do not even mourn for the normal three days MOST PEOPLE MOURN . .They have been enslaved for the last 26 years, their kids mothers fathers have been tortured imprisoned killed they do not do any thing. They are not paid most of them receive three or four pieces of bread A DAY . .you could see the young generation of ERITREA ARE MALNURISHED AND SHORT .Except the special group which are devoted killing and torturing the ERITREAN PEOPLE. MOST OT THE SOCIATEY are so coward they let non ERITREANS RULE AND DESTROY THE ERITREAN SOCIETY ,IF YOU LOOK AROUND ALL THE TOP LEADERS ARE NON ERITREANS ,HISTORY WILL REMEMBER this ERITREAN GENERATION THE MOST COWARD SOCIETY OF THIS CENTURY.