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VOICE OF ASSENNA: “መድረኽ ንሃገራዊ ዘተ” ሕዱር ውልቃዊ ቅርሕንቲ’ዶ – ስዉር ቅሙጥ ፖሊሲ? ታደሰ ኪዳነ ( በርሚንግሃም) – 1ይ ክፋል

Review overview
  • rezen February 9, 2018

    “መድረኽ ንሃገራዊ ዘተ” ሕዱር ውልቃዊ ቅርሕንቲ’ዶ – ስዉር ቅሙጥ ፖሊሲ? ታደሰ ኪዳነ ( በርሚንግሃም) – 1ይ ክፋል


  • Semir Beraki February 10, 2018

    Sounds good take. Reading between the lines.

    From the beginning, MEDREK is an alliance between ex- members of isaias’s regime. Dr Andebrah W/giorgis is head to heel authoritarian. He was up against anything to demonstrate his loyality to isias. For instance, he was the first tool his boss used to force change of genuine academic curriculum to align with isias’s long term goal of illuminating education without trace. Dr Andebrhane played the theatrics very well to likely get a distant smile from his boss. His inability to convince the intellectuals with reason, logic, academic discipline, and above all following rule of law on matters that relate to curriculum or other issues at the university into confrontation and show of authority was a testament to his inherent dictatorial behavior and sycophant nature. But the part that took even his boss by surprise was not his deed but how he did it. he was much praised by his boss for his theatrical ability to turn simple academic matter into standoff and eventually smearing them along regional lines. Given most people has some sense of morality, it’s rare they would make isias pleased much less delightful. Dr Andebrhan was able to achieve this feat. To the extent Isias himself (who lives conspiracy) learned that some other people had read the MACHIAVELLIAN too.

    Dr Assefaw use to be a person with some gravita. Seeing who his friends are on principle now, it is not hard to find where he stands on these narrow nationalistic concepts..

    So, this favour for low level nationalic ideas is lingering on Medrek.
    “MEDREK bhshukshuk” dia zbelet ASSENNA gena kijmer kelo. Aman b’aman haki.

  • Mahta February 10, 2018

    Mr Kidane, I think you are still fighting for your beloved region akeleguzay and deki akeleguzay! even if the devil himself is from akeleguzay instead of fighting against him you try to defend your devil and try to find another devil from hamassein or seraye to fight. In the past you used to accuse how the hamassein fighters for being regionalist within the EPLF, Now you are telling us if regionalism exist either it is all of them or none of them!
    From your tone of voice i think you seemed you have a problem with the Medrek people. It is your right to disagree with them but try to bring another good deki akeleguzay to defend for not abraha kassa or simon gebredengle for Gods sake!!!! this will only show how extreem person you are!

    • Beraki T. February 11, 2018

      Mr Mahta, Tadese and his likes from akeleguzay are all sick people living in a fantasy world. Lets give them another millennium to wake up and to forget totally about barren land akeleguzay.

  • ታደሰ ኪዳነ February 12, 2018

    ወይ ጽቡቕ ገርካ ኣይሰማዕካን ወይ ተደናግር ኣለኻ
    ኣነ ዝተኸላኸልኩሉ ሰብ የለን። እዞም ትብሎም ዘለኻ መኮነናት ገበነኛታት ኣይኮኑን ኣይበልኩን። እኳ’ድኣ ኣብ ስለያን ጸጥታን ዝሰርሑ ኣካልን ኣምሳልን ናይቲ ቀታሊ ስርዓት ኢዮም። ምስ መድረኽ ዝፈላልየኒ ዘሎ፡ ንስቶም (መድረኽ) ካብ ተወለድቲ ካልእ ከባቢ ፍልይ ኣቢሎም ንበይኖም ብኣውራጃ፡ ብከባቢ፡ ብዓዲ ዝሰርሑ ትሕተ ሃገራውያን፡ ንደቂ ከባቢኦም ዝሕግዙ፡ ንዘይ ናቶም ወገን ዝኣስሩ፡ ብወገንን ብዓዲን እሱራት የውጽኡ ወይ ይኣስሩ ስለ ዝበሉ ኢዩ።
    ገበነኛታት ይበሉዎም፡ በዚኦም ዝረብሐ ወይ ዝሃብተመ እሞ ከኣ ብከባብን ኣውራጃን !! እዚ ሓሶት ዘርባ ኢዩ። ንተወለድቲ ካልእ ከባቢ “ንዘመዱ፡ ንዞሙኡ፡ ንሰበይቱ” ይብሉዎም። ነዞም ተጠቀስቲ መኮነናት ግን ንደቂ ከባቢኡ፡ ደቂ ኣውራጅኡ ወዘተ። ነዚ ኢየ ዝቃወም ዘለኹ።
    ስለዚ ተረዲእካ እንተ ትጽሕፍ ይሓይሽ። ፊሊጶስ ንሰበይቱ ወይ ዞሙኡ ሓጊዙ እንተ ተባሂሉ፡ ወዲ ካሳ ወይ ስምኦን ከኣ ንሓፍቱ ሓጊዙ እንተዝብሉ ኣይመካትዐን። ናይ መድረኽ ጎስጓስ ግን፡ ህዝቢ ኣብ ስምዒት ንምእታውን ነዚ ዘሎ ምክፍፋል ላምባ ምውሳኽን ኢዩ። ጭብጢ እንተ ለዎም ከኣ ሃየ። ኣነ ክሰምዕን ክርዳእን ድሉው ኢየ።

    • Beraki T. February 12, 2018

      You are the most sick man around still mumbling about out of date regionalism, our people have moved on to better and wider politics (international) of the 21st century.
      But sick regionalist old man Tadese is still stuck in his small barren land akeleguzay. People like you are called (described as) back home in Eritrea as ‘ZITEMAHIRE DENKORO’, poor old Tadese.

    • Mahta February 12, 2018

      Mr Kidane, do you know them individuals in person?how can you so certain that they dont help people from their region? especially if you live abroad you cant be that sure! If you think, the news should not be posted like that because it can only bring division, you might be right but then again if you can raise the issue yourself in the past why not someone eles now??. That`s my point!
      Thank you for you respond anyway!!

      • ታደሰ ኪዳነ February 12, 2018

        እቲ ጉዳይ መን ኣልዒሉዎ ኣይኮነን። ከምዚ ዓይነት ጎስጓስ ጠጠው ክብል ኣለዎ ኢዩ እቲ ቁም ነገር። ብዛዕባ ምሕጋዝ ግን፡ ዝኾነ ሰብ ንቤተ-ሰቡ ክሕግዝ ይኽእል ይኸውን። ከምቲ መድረኽ’ውን “ንሰበይቱ፡ ንዞሙኡ ወዘተ እናበሉ ዝገልጽዎ። ኣቀራርባ መድረኽ ‘ሀ ሁ ” ፖለቲካ ንዝፈልጥ ሰብ መልእኽቱ ንጹር ኢዩ። እንተ’ቲ “ምድጋሙስ ዝያዳ ምውዕዋዕ’ዶ ኣይከውንን” ዝበልካዮ ግን እሞ እንታይ ይገበር? ንዓመት መመላእታ ደጋጊሞሞ። ክእረሙ ኣይደለዩን። እሞ ከይዋዓዋዕ ክንብል ዕድሜና ምሉእ ክንጻወሮ? ወይስ ንኣርሞ።
        ከምዚ ዓይነት ምፍልላይ’ከ የዋጽእ ድዩ? እንታይ ኢዩ ጠቕሙ? እንተ’ቲ ንደቂ ኣውራጅኦም ወይ ወገን ናቶም ዝሕግዙ እንተኾኑ’ኸ – ዝበልካዮ ግን፡ ሓሶት ኢዩ። ብንጹር ኣበሃህላይ ግን “ብኣውራጃን ብዓድን ብወገንን ኣይሓገዙን” ኢየ ዝብል ዘለኹ። ንዝያዳ ጭብጥታት ኣብ 2ይ ክፋል ኣስዒበልካ ኣለኹ
        እንተ ኣንታ በራኪ – ኢልካ ትጽሕፍ ዘለኻ ግን፡ ጸርፊ ናይ ድኹማት ኢዩ። ቁም ነገር እንተ ትጽሕፍ ምሓሸ።

      • Ermiyas February 13, 2018

        Mahta, you are also another nasty from Hamassein or Seraye extreme hiding your regionalist views. The young generation have to eliminate you all soon.

        • Mahta February 16, 2018

          Ermias, I wonder when you guys gonna wake up?