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Review overview
  • Woldu November 24, 2018

    Dear Dr. Fikereyesus Amahazion and Yemane Tsegai,
    In your recent articles published at you complained about Assenna and the negative comments you are receiving. As one of Assenna followers I just want to let you know that the comments are legitimate grievances. Instead of complaining about comments I challenge you to answer to this grievance. If you have any stamina, I believe you will do.
    1-150, 000 Eritrean refugees in Tigrai and still growing. Have you ever thought about Eritreans would flee to Tigrai to be refugees? More than 100, 000 Eritrean refugees in Sudan.

    2. 30,000 Eritrean refugees in Israel living like second class immigrants always facing the threat of expulsion. Don’t you think this people would have preferred to return to their country if they had one?

    3. War with Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen. Unfortunately, I cannot mention any other country because those are the only neighbors we have. He led single handily a border war with Ethiopia to end up defeated. Later He accused the G15 for conspiring with Ethiopia. The dictator is always right. The reality is they were asking him to help and rejected them.

    4. Enmity with the Turkey, US, Qatar, Sudan, Sweden, Canada, The Netherlands and now adding Germany. Why such enmity to the world? To cover your weakness?

    5. Close to 200, 000 Eritreans in trenches and they do not know when they would come home to their families. Our sisters are turned infertile at young age.

    6. After 27 years your government can not take a fish from the 1000 K.m. sea cost and export it. This is after expelling Dutch private investors accusing them relationship with Petros Solomon.

    7. Eritreans are fleeing their country and investing in Uganda, South Sudan and Angola. When he visited Uganda and the Eritreans asked him to prepare the ground for their return, he told them to stay in those countries. A president who encourages emigration.

    8. In 27 years your government can not run a one plane airline. If I were him I would be ashamed to step on Bole Airport. Where are the flights to Assab, Sawa, Masswa and Tesenei? The propaganda served its mission now move on to another propaganda stint. Where is Alebu agro packing factory? Where is Massawa cement factory? All is gone.

    9. A government that never show any humanity for prisoners and cruel and vindictive. A president who betrayed the vows of martyrs and working hard to benefit his children while the children of martyrs are languishing in refugee camps and dying in the sea. His son is preparing to take key role in government.

    10. A government who thinks about diaspora Eritreans only to collect the 2% tax. He spends millions of dollars to organize diaspora youth while wasting the life of millions of domestic youth.

    11. A government that hijacks the constitution of the country and made it the only country in the world that is ruled without a constitution.

    12. A president who does not have any accountability to the people. Eritreans do not know what he is doing with Ethiopia.

    13. A president who spends much of his time counting how many kilos of flower Eritrean farmers brought to the city. Instead of helping them to produce more.
    14. A president who is busy destroying homes in a country where there are no homes except old villas built by the Italians eighty years ago. Where were his area administrators when the homes were built? Can anything happen without their knowledge? Didn’t they take bribes for it and later turned the poor home owners in? Is that how a public institution works?

    15. A president who chooses to see the buildings in Italian built Asmara failing instead of accepting help from others for repair. World bank, and the Italian government offered money and expertise for repair and they were rejected. Just to maintain his ago as a powerful guy wo never accepts a hand out from others. As a result Cinema capitol has been closed for years and there is no way to repair it any more except demolishing it. Cinema Impero is following.

    16. A president who destroyed Elaberied and works day and night to replicate it in Adi Hallo.
    -A president who does not have any Eritrean feeling for Eritrean children except training opposition groups and creating misery just to stay in power. Remember Gadaffi?

    17. A government who works day and night to destroy the only recognized university in the country in order to eliminate any threat to his power. Why not keep that one and build new ones?

    19. A president who orders Eri TV not to show good things about the world except fires, earth quacks, wars just to feel good for himself. A person who is not elected himself wants to show the elections of area administrators repetitively.

    Please respond to this grievance instead of passing them as difficulties. Aren’t Eritreans good enough to solve this problem if they were let go from the chock hold they are in?