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Voice from Geneva: Tribute to justice seekers by the Coordinating Cotte & Artist Zeresenay (Tezareb) June 23, 2016

Review overview
  • yeakel June 27, 2016

    What can I say? I love you deki ere

  • Berhe Tensea June 28, 2016

    Thank you coordinating committee, and the distinguished artist Zersenay, you have made history and be proud of it.
    Our fight is going well , and it is on its final stage. The worst enemy of the people are getting cornered like fat mouse waiting to be trapped.
    The fat rats shaking with fear , and the oppressed masses will have their day to avenge years of cruelty and abuse..
    We have to fight back and destroy Iseyas, his puppets , and the Ethiopian, traitors ,that are dreaming of the return of feudalism in this modern age..
    Viva Geneva

  • meg June 29, 2016

    Viva Geneva to all demonstrator you made it I’m proud of you all and Zersenaythank you. God bless you!