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Voice from Geneva: Brave Eritrean Women Activists from Germany – PART 5 – June 23, 2016

Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH !!! June 27, 2016

    Voices of Eritrean women patriotism legacy had been hijacked by male chauvinists
    for a while but can not be silenced for ever . Deleyti Fithi movement have obligation
    for our women right to give prior attention in their platforms . They are the forgotten
    and betrayed elements who shook our revolution history . I wish they establish any
    program dedicated for Eritrean women causes awareness to teach and create sort
    of communication among our females inside and outside the country on issues they face in their daily life either it be political , economical or social aspects .
    Sometimes everyone needs space to look for personal matters concerning religion,
    ethnicity , region and gender issues . And if it is positive for national interest , who
    cares about naysayers that used their heroic contribution exploitation for self pride .
    After independence we heard sad stories about the way treated but we didn’t hear
    voices of advocacy on behalf of their well being . It is a lesson to fight yourself for
    your right . Western women feminists movement took decades long struggle to
    reach at present level . And Eritrean women have the potential when time permitted .

    • GOODBYE eritrea June 29, 2016

      Dearest Ahmed Saleh ,

      I know when it comes to the necessity of gedli or not .you and I do not agree..However what you commented above I could not agree more..You are on the point and to be fair ,women under jebha did not suffer from male chauvinism ,they were not tactically raped by being offered dimu dimu ,those women in leadership had full autonomy and no jebha tegadalai did succeed in manifesting his chauvinism , contrast the ones that were under shaIbiya we all know ,the culture of treating females like garbage is manifested by girls and women being raped in colonels houses and in the front line.
      ኣሕመድ ከም ድምበዛናይ ነታ ሓቂ ቶጕ ከብላ ኣየመሳምስን።

  • robi June 27, 2016

    Hi deki abeyti,n 7 weledotat ztekemetinala Eritrea ktitefie malet zebet,emri Hgdef nab guhafat Bet Gergish ( Scarico) yemrih alo, Hgdef Hasawi, wedi Berad Anta demegnana,lomis akila gemed ab ksadka atya, 50 years n hzbi Eritrea atalilkayo hasawi,kwm Sadam hussein hji shererrrrrrr eya nab adi ezgiher.

  • Isayas Sium June 28, 2016

    Well done both sisters. Helena meksen anbesit endiki.

  • Mesfin Kidane June 28, 2016

    ኣጆኽን ኣጆና፣ ህዝቢ አርትራ ኪኦወት ቐሪብ ኢዩ። Viva Geneva 23rd June 2016.