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Video from Asmara showing people queuing for gasoline

Review overview
  • Tezareb April 27, 2014

    ናጻ ኤርትራ፣ ” ግምጃ ሓርነት ለቢሳ ” ፤ ዝብልዎ ነዚ ባርነት ናይ ሰውራ እዩ።
    ሸፋቱ ኣብ በረኻን ኣብ ከተማን ባህርያቶም ሓደ እዩ፤ ስርቅን ዕንወትን።

    ገለ ቋንቋታት ኤርትራ ብባርዕ የሕርሩ፤ መንነቶም ስለ ዝጸለኡ።
    ገለ ድማ ነቲ ካብ ናቶም ዝበልጽ፣ ናይ ኣባሓጎታቶምን እነታቶምን ዘኹርዕ ታሪኽ የናሽዉ።
    መን ምዃኑ ዘይፈልጥ ወይ ክፈልጥ ዘይደሊ ህዝቢ፣ ወትሩ ንውድቀትን ሕስረትን እተጋለጸ እዩ።

    • Gideon April 28, 2014

      Tezareb Anbessa more & more.

  • Yerhiwo April 27, 2014

    A failed state under Dictator Wedi Medhin Berad’ rule. Where is the slogan “Hager Tihimbeb ala” of HGDEF morons? Is this why people fought for 30 years? Is this the Eritrea where 130,000 plus perished to liberate? Where is the Bisha money? Where are the DIA promises?

    Very sad to see begging for kerosene, water and bread!! This shows that it is the end of Dictator Isaias and DEMHIT rule!! After a while, people will start armed robbery….some say it already started in darker areas such as Geza Birhanu, Abashawil, Edaga Arbi, etc.

    I wish angry and hungry eritrean Dekebat rob the corrupted generals, and the killer’s messengere Charlie, Kisha, and Monkey!!!

  • ahmed saleh April 27, 2014

    Is that how it looks the Singapore they used to talk about ?
    We waited for 23 years to see our city
    decaying slowly . If you ask why ?
    The fools excuse goes to Weyane or to
    some other ghosts in mind . In fact
    Demhit become more preferred to have it all while the people …………

  • Tekle April 28, 2014

    It is business as usual for those who want to blackmail their mother country. They are fond of so tiny faults or failures to point out to defame the country. A cue for “lamba” is not a big deal. I’m living in a country that claims to have more than 300 yrs. liberation, yet I cue for some commodities. Lets focus into the big picture rather to those pity ones. I’m proud of my country for the progress it is going through. I lived in so many countries which claim to had 50. 60 70 yrs of liberation and yet are worse than my beloved country.

    • Bus.Zone April 28, 2014

      Have been sniffing some stuff you sound unconscious

    • Yerhiwo April 28, 2014


      You seem a guy who is in identity crisis like Dictator Isaias Afwerki, Yemane Monkey, or Hagos Kisha! The way you respond to the article reminds me how Monkey’s responds.

      If you are Eritrean, how would you say that you are proud of eritrean progress. What is progress in your own standard? Killing people? Arresting people? Enslaving the youth? Torture? A country with no elected president? A country with no constitution? A country ruled by criminals? A failed state worst than Somalia? etc. etc.

      Tekle, if you are proud of the progress..why don’t you go to Eritrea and enjoy the progress? Why do you stay in western country where there is queue for basic needs?

      Guys like you make an excuse for every evil thing they see or hear!!! I wish one of your kids is in national service. I wish your brother or sister in jail arrested for 10 or more years without charge?

      You live in Western country and benefit its generous welfare system and defend the worst criminal on earth! I can’t say more…..but I wish god punish you hard on behalf of those suffering day and night in Eritrean jails or suffering under HGDEF system.

  • simerrr2012 April 28, 2014


    On which big pictures should we focus ? The damn dam which is planned, financed, advised by the dictator for PR and washed up by the next winter? Or we focused on the Massawa International Airport again planned, advised by the dictator where no plane landed but became the dictator privet Airport. Or we focus on the government farms again instructed by the dictator ,advised by the dictator what to produce and how to produce? Or we should focused on the daily sing poor dancing to become Singapore of Africa but we end up the North Korea of Africa. Or we should focus on the Bisha Gold mining where no cent has been invested in the country . I do not know where you live with daily standing for hours to buy basic needs like oil, bread , gas etc. Do you get food stamp? Only food stamp collectors stand in lines to get it and not even so long line like you see I the video. How long do you live in denial and blame the outsiders for the problem we face in Eritrea. The problem is higdef and people like you who make us suffer. You call it self-reliance and the world call it self-destruction.

  • Hidat April 28, 2014


  • Tezareb April 28, 2014

    ኣየ ስርዓት ሓሰውትን ባራዩ-ዓረብን እንዳሓደረ እዩ ዝፈኩስ።

    እቲ ቐደም ብባሃማትና ከለና ሕጂ ውን ክንደይ ሓሳውን ባርያ-ሳሕሳሕ-ዓረብን ዝደግምዎ፤
    ” ንሕና እኳ ምዕቡላት ኢና። ንሕና እኳ ውርዙያት ኢና። ንሕና እኳ ገስገስቲ ለባማት ኢና።
    ፊውዳል ሃይለሰላሴ እኳ ደንቆሮ እዩ። ኢትዮጵያ ኣድሓርሓሪት እያ። ” ይበሃል ኔሩ።

    እወ ከምዚ ሎሚ ሰብ ናብ ኢትዮጵያ ዑቕባ ክልምን ጨመተ ጥይትን ፈንጅን ከይረገጸ።
    እንተረኣኻስ ባዶ ናይ ሓሶት ብሮቦጋንዳ፣ ሳሕሳሕ-ዓረብ ንከዳሚ ባርያኡ-ዓብድ ለዊሱ ዝ ሃቦ።

    ባርያ-ዓረብ መንነቱን ቋንቋኡን ዝኸሓደስ ታሪኸይን ታሪኽ ኣባሓጎታተይን ክምህረኒ ?
    ከምዚ ዓይነት ውርደትን ሕስረትን እዝጊ ነቦሓጎታተይ ነየርአዮም።
    ሕሱር ወለዶ ግና ንንብሱ ተዋሪዶ፣ ኣፍርቃ ምሉእ የዋርድ።

    ካብዚ ንታሕቶ ዶ ባርነት ኣሎ እዩ?

    • Gideon April 28, 2014

      Tezareb Anbessa moreeeeeeeeeeeeee
      Tezareb go ahead, tell them the truth, as truth always prevails at last.
      It goes beyond ignorance & arrogance. It is even worse than it appears.
      Keep it up brother Tezareb and enlighten the confused/lost ones indeed.

  • sara gual eritra April 28, 2014

    are you eritrean ?
    nhna eritrawyan men mqanNa nfelt ina
    barayu aerab aykonNa etiopiawyan aykonNa
    emnetna zitetelemna kuruAt hizbi ina
    (tmiet RAYA eqa halifu amlak ymesghen)

    • Hagherawi April 28, 2014

      “are you eritrean ?
      nhna eritrawyan men mqanNa nfelt ina
      barayu aerab aykonNa etiopiawyan aykonNa”

      Sara gual eritra

      The guy who uses about 15 nicknames (Tezareb, Bokre, Paradiso ….etc) is someone suffering from identity crisis.
      Most of the time he is busy insulting Eritrean Muslims posing as Christian Highlander, he want us to fight to fit his sinister agenda. May be he is dreaming about Greater Tigray. Don’t take him seriously, let him buzz around like a fly.