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VIDEO ASSENNA: Interview with Mr Herui Tedla Bairu Re his New Book, 18 Oct, 2016

Review overview
  • Simon G. October 22, 2016

    Bereket T.
    ኣቤት ጉራ: ሊቅ በረኸት!
    Let just pick 2 lines out of your words:
    1. What books do you really want him to refer to, would it be your Akeleguzay books????
    2. My comment or response to Mr Tadesse was merely a fair/innocent comment.

    What I can tell is that please use your basic math skill and you can easily see the answer is False.

    Hint: since you claim you are educated person (ን ኣቶ ኣሕመድን ካልኦትን (ከምዚ ከማይ) ተቋናጽብ ስለ ዘለኻ)) you may also use Boolean algebra.

    Brotherly advice: since you are getting emotionally charged, your brain is most probably over heated. You most probably will need a heatsink for your head to cool you down.

    • Bereket T. October 23, 2016

      Simon G.
      Is this your best shot you could ever come up with? If your answer is a weak yes then you really disappoint me as I was expecting a middleweight punch or shot the least! And what happened to your last ‘gurra’ of “not worth of replying you b/c I have no interest to degrade myself”, does this mean you are now degrading yourself by replying to me!! Or you are only doing/giving me a kind Akeleguzay favor!
      I really don’t know where to start and where to end! You got my perception of things upside down. I don’t know if you are really awake or sleeping and having nightmares about Akeleguzay books!!! What is this other than a nonsense word spinning? Just talk straight and shoot what is in your freaking mind! Stop going around the bush acting as a clown comic circus boy going about “hints, hints, hints”! Use your own Akeleguzay hints or shiTara and figure out on how to translate or make your books best sellers in Eritrea!!!!
      Finally, tell us how you used your basic maths skill to come to your easily answer of ‘False’. False of what or on what?? Hope you stop being a poor retarded Akeleguzetay next time!

  • Simon G. October 23, 2016

    Bereket T
    Akeleguzay and reatarded do not go together. You know it very well. You may try it with Kareneshim 🙂

    • Bereket T. October 24, 2016

      Simon G.
      You have an inferiority complex – and it’s fully justified.
      Let’s just hope we don’t get a scum bag jerk Akeleguzetay for a leader in Eritrea. (Never ever)

      • Bereket T. October 24, 2016

        Come to think of it – you should really rejoin your nearest cousins Tigrayans in Tigray – Ethiopia. You as useless Akeleguzetayat are no good or no use for Eritrea anyway.
        Your Akeleguzay books and language would be more appreciated and accepted in Tigray as well. Go back to Tigray with your Muslims like Ahmed Salih your defender.

        • Simon G. October 24, 2016

          Bereket T
          Living in Colorado is not helping you. Stop writing after you sniffing those green plants.

          • Bereket T. October 24, 2016

            Simon G.
            ‘Living in Colorado is not helping you’, not helping me on what?
            I know you are the only one with a short tail in your weirdo Akeleguzay family and you should really keep looking after it by watering, combing and washing it regularly.
            About those green plants, I hear just like in the mujahideen Afghanistan you also grow them in all shanty towns of your Akeleguzay. Is it true what I recently heard about your weirdo priests/devils also sniffing your green plants with their breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time?
            And where is that other weirdo your defense counsel wedi mujahadeen Ahmed Salih? He must be sniffing your special Akeleguzay green plants all the time for him to act like a ghetto brat accusing me of all sorts.