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Video Assenna: Book Launch in London; Introductory Remark by Hurei Tedla Bayru, 18 October, 2016

Review overview
  • Asmerom October 22, 2016

    What a pity! Eritrean history, revolution, identity or present government all product of shifta/bandit.
    Ato Huruy Tela, just like your wise brilliant father, you should have also followed in his foot steps
    that is in andnet/unity of the Tigray Tigrigni united Christian Habesha instead of divided weak Eritrea
    the playing ground. toilet and second hand market for the barbarian bastards muslim Arabs.
    What would be the future of poor Eritrea for the poor young generation of Eritrea with a shameful past?

    • Mogos October 22, 2016

      Amanuel stop this Komal Agame …who is insulting Eritrea and its people every day

      • zeray October 22, 2016

        Mogos aka Wedi Halima, Wedi Hagher, Mohammud, Khalid, WoBawzon, Sheikh comedian Ali, Somali warlord, Sol, mushmush aslamay Hawukha abey alo, a rootless nomad saHab gimel, saHsaH aslamay kondaf agame wedi Shire/Sheraro.
        In short, wedi Saho rat go and fuck your dog Halima mother and your goats. Your savage evil moslem Arab foot soldier foot prints are clear by now. Go and help your stinking Halima mother and your Keduja, Fatima, SaEdu dog sisters to sell their beles in Asmara. The only difference is that your stinking dog Halima mother and your dog moslem sisters are not selling thr beles in Adi grat, Adwa or Shire as before but in Asmara nowadays. Wedi Halima savage Arab dog go and serve your stinking Halal ass to your savage evil moslem Arab slave masters.

  • Asmerom October 22, 2016

    Amanuel Iyasu
    Why were you hiding yourself like a rat and why were not the audience in the hall shown?
    You are all scared chickens! You seem to forget that you are all in the safe free western world!
    Higdef is not going to come and arrest you or chase you and kill you all like in Sahel or meda Eritrea.
    Do you really expect us to buy this toilet of shifta history and pass it on to our young children as gifts of Hiruy?
    You are all bunch of losers that can not live with your western hand outs and welfare benefits and food stanps.

  • Hazo October 22, 2016

    This is a good trend for ato Hurui Tedla. He needs to forget the present moment of Eritrea and the Horn to focus on the past in order to leave unbiased true history. Nobody should expect ato Hurui to write about the history of EPLF because he had never been one of them or among them; however, he is expected to write not only one book but also several books on many stages of his own Jebha or the ELF group, including its ugly part.
    In my view ato Hurui is also qualified to write about Eritrea under the Italian Fascist colonial forces and the pre-Italian era of Eritrea.
    The best ato Hurui can leave us at this moment of his life, is, history that will be quoted and discussed for generations to come. Given his good educational and scholastic achievements, I expect him to write history objectively, avoiding any biases and partisanship, as this is the main weakness of almost all books written by ex-Jebhas who waste their time talking about the “bad” of EPLF as they white wash the ELF’s dirty walls.
    Will ato Hurui write unbiased, honest and fair history? Lets read his Book and judge him.

    • k.tewolde October 22, 2016

      Hazo,you judged him already.

      • zeray October 22, 2016

        And how do you judge him as a former shifta/bandit and unashamed ELF fanatic?
        As a die hard of criminal ELF propagandist hell be with you as it is with evil Islam ELF
        Tell us how many EPLF tegadelti you killed and how many poor peasants you robbed
        in your shifta/banditry adventure you dumb jebha twisted fanatic?

    • zeray October 22, 2016

      Dearest Hazo
      Please don’t be stupid/naive when you credit Hiruy with good education and scholastic achievements yet you fail to mention how could a sane and intelligent person joins an evil savage barbaric Islamic movement shifta banditry ELF?

      • zeray October 22, 2016

        correction : you fail to question

  • k.tewolde October 22, 2016

    ‘The one who is free of sin ,let him cast the first stone.’ Jesus Christ.History cannot be packaged neatly in a box and handed to you so that you can pass it on to the next generation like some commentator stated above,History is series of past events that depict glory and fall,gallantry and defeat,alliance and breakup,advancing and retreating,winning and losing……if you were touched by these events,you have all the right in the world to tell it from your perspective and your experience,you own it ,the good the bad and the ugly.Like I said before, the young who are judging and blaming the veterans,prove to the world that you are the better generation indeed,make history that defines you,make the wrong right,stomping on the graves who fell making history or jabbing at the veterans who witnessed them fall is not going to heal your wounds.Respect the ones that preceded you,respect ayatatkum,it is the core of our tradition.

    • zeray October 22, 2016

      k.tewolde, suddenly you are now “Keshi Hatiyat” preaching about peace, love and forgiveness!
      Well, let me tell you or remind you a bit of your barbaric evil Islamic ELF.
      Mohammed Ali Idris aka Abu Rijela (1944 – 2010), one of the Disciples of criminal shifta H.I.Awate, and one of the earliest shefatu of the evil savage Islamic ELF, credited with leading the Battle of Togoruba in 1964; had this to say about himself, “I was born near Agordat and joined the Sudanese army in April 1944 at the age of 17. “I did not know the difference between Eritrea and the Sudan till 1956 when the Sudan became an independent republic”.
      Abu Shanab, Mohammed Ali Tinay, and myself discussed about divorcing our wives and go to fight the Ethiopians. We joined Awate’s unit of 20 shefatu in the spring of 1962. These were the leaders of the shefatu banditry so-called revolution who didn’t even know who they are let alone understand the problems of Eritrea and the Eritrean people.
      Now, Keshi Hatiyat K.Tewolde, were you also fighting with your savage barbaric evil Islamic ELF for the independence of the Sudan and to have Islamic Eritrea with mama Sudan. Tell us the truth not your crap papagalo evil ghedli stories.

      • zeray October 22, 2016

        correction : to fight the Christian Ethiopians.

  • zeray October 22, 2016

    T`he problem that Eritrea faces today has its roots in the very beginning of the struggle for independence (slavery). The Eritrean people never really owned the so-called revolution but really shiftnet/banditry.
    The wishes and opinions of the people were not taken into consideration nor did the welfare and interest of the people given precedence. It was imposed on them by exiled opportunist sold out activists and of Eritrean extraction living in Cairo ( the evil destruction city). These exiles were adherents of the Pan-Arabism school of evil moslem thought and were supported by the evil savage barbarian moslem Arab world.
    They (these moslem mercenaries) espoused Pan-Arabism; an ideology celebrating the glories of barbarian Arab civilization, espousing the language and literature of the evil savage moslem Arabs, and calling for rejuvenation and political union in the savage Arab world. The front they formed (evil Islamic ELF) believed that Eritrea is part of the barbarian Arab world with common linguistic, culture, religious and historical heritage.
    These evil moslem mercenaries appear not to have understand who the real people of Eritrea are. They denied the centuries old history and connection of the land and people, and tried to impose their alien evil savage moslem version of what Eritrea should be, by conspiring with foreign leaders who had ulterior motives. They never tried to consult the genuine dekebat Eritreans of their evil missions.
    These opportunist sold out moslem mercenaries exiles decided to start an armed struggle (an evil Islamic jihadi sewra) in 1960 in Cairo to re-create a new Islamic Eritrea. They were such a bunch of spineless cowards that none of them wanted to take up arms and launch the armed struggle (the evil shifta Islamic banditry) themselves. From their respective comfortable abode in Egypt and the Sudan, they entrusted the all important military wing to an outlaw “super savage shifta” named Hamid Idris Awate, who already had a small band of outlaws moslem shefatu at his disposal, and was engaged in cattle rusting, plunder and highway robbery in the Western Lowlands of Eritrea.
    Yet later these “founding shefatu” and the Islamic evil savage barbaric ELF were replaced by a new breed of shefatu/bandits – the other evil brutal EPLF. In the ‘dog eat dog’ savage world of both fronts, finally a victor emerged, the notorious dictator of all times, Isaias Afewqerki, In short, if ELF/EPLF were evils in their ideology from their conception then simply Eritrean independence would be the fruit of that evil, which is hard to swallow.

    • k.tewolde October 22, 2016

      This is the prelude to Zeray’s upcoming book,anybody buying it?

      • zeray October 22, 2016

        Keshi Hatiyat diyablos K.Tewolde
        This is the prelude to Zeray’s upcoming film with diyablos/sheyitan K.Tewolde as a lead main actor cow boy John Wayne. Alternatively, K Tewolde as Hamid Idris Awate!

      • Safi October 23, 2016

        Dear K. Tewelde

        There is no point in trying to be civil with a subhuman bastard ‘Agame’ who enjoys insulting an entire nation Eritrea, all followers of a religion Islam and an entire race Arabs. All that because Eritreans got back their God given right to be a Nation of their own, and efforts of enemy spies like his father lost the war they had declared on innocent people.

        At least defend yourself because Assenna Admin either cannot do it or is not interested..

        • Keren October 23, 2016

          Safi – what a pathetic Yemeni shitara loser
          A disturbed, desperate, restless loser aka Mogos, Aslamay NEFAHITTO, Wedi Hagher -Wedi Halima, Mahammud, Khalid, Abdurobo and so many multiple pen-names. But in short, a coward hypocrite bojbaj feraH aslamay Arab dog and poisonous Saho snake.
          Unlike you a stinking poisonous moslem rat at least Mr K.Tewolde is man enough to stick to one name all the time even under so much criticisms and attacks mostly brought on himself arrogantly.
          But in your case a NEFAHITTO evil moslem snake, we have an old saying of “Chugrafs’ia BaAla WeqiA TeEwi”, indeed. I don’t know how you say it in your alien-evil Arabic though! (Remember, as a jeberti rootless immigrant deportee moslem from Wolkayit – Tigray – Ethiopia, Tigrigna is your first language but no history of your own).
          Bojbaj coward hypocrite evil mushmush aslamay, let me ask you a simple question; why do you think your Arab dogs savage moslems are conspicuously absent from the struggle for change in Eritrea? Let’s test your moslem rei’isi gimel knowledge but you are only good at complaining, moaning and crying like a baby to poor/meskin Amanuel/assenna. Hence, the “Chugrafs’ia BaEla WekiA TeEwi”, never insult or provoke people if you are too weak and too crippled to respond.
          And where is your cousin aregit kelbi Arab the stinking old Arab WHORE by a dog’s Arab name of ahmidi al salihidi aka TEBEKH kondaf lemani aslamay? With your multiple pen-names he should be calling you MOSLEM NEFAHITTO instead of boring us with his “Tsemam hade derfu” aregit kelbi evil moslem ELF’s mafia mezmur.

          • Safi October 24, 2016

            Anta wedi khomarit, wedi zenbil

            Meninetka zeytefelte !!

            Iseyas ayakha mis kede metewi inteleka shuu nirieka !!

  • AHMED SALEH !!! October 23, 2016

    It doesn’t make a sense to allow suspected intruders provocative comments in your forum . The usual
    familiar pen names and the purpose of their anti-Eritrean sentiment is nothing else except to corrupt your site .
    It is time to get rid of this NEFAHITO with lipstick who keep changing appearance that can not resist to act like a pig .

    • Keren October 23, 2016

      Mrs W/ro aregit kelbi Arab WHORE Shermuta nay Abashawul & Akhriya
      Indeed, “Chugraf’ia BaEla Wekia TeEwi” describes you precisely as a weak crippled, with no balls, no education, no language of his own, no history of his own, born as a lemani rootless moslem immigrant and soon to die as a lemani rootless small garbage.
      You are a declared compulsive liar that is more than verified. You are also a sick mental disturbed loner leper who suffers from dementia hence all your pathetic hallucinations.
      The main problem here is just as in meda Eritrea you with your evil savage barbaric moslem ELF tried and failed badly to monopolize things similarly here again is your savage evil Islam’s and mioslem’s thirst for territory and political ambition to take over the world and impose your savage evil 7th century barbaric desert ideology on others. Savages evil deki peadophile negis Mohammed follow violent verses of ths evil Qur’an and evil Mohammed’s deeds and practices in the Hadiths and Sira. That is killings, assassinations, terrorism, rapes, beheading, bloodsheds are the DNA codes of your savage evil Islam. Your normal crocodile tears and ignorant scribbles and talks are nothing but from your normal savage evil damaged for life moslem backside aregit mushmush fagnatura.
      How can the savage evil mushmushat rootless immigrant lowland cancerous moslems be called Eritreans if they pray/shit facing the direction of a foreign barbarian Arab land or moon, aspire to imitate a foreign alien Arab culture and mannerism, consider a foreign alien language to be holy and hold everything evil moslem Arab to be superior? Where is the loyalty of these cancerous evil Arab dogs? If anyone trusts these twisted poisonous asshole rootless moslems then they must be total stone heads and dunces. The loyalty and belonging of the savage cancerous deki lementi mushmushat moslems is always and only with their savage evil moslem Arab slave masters and the desert evil Arab moon.

      • k.tewolde October 23, 2016

        Wow! I can see steam rising from your head Keren,but you seething at the wrong target,victims just like you,it just happen to us a little earlier.I feel your psychological trauma[PTSD],I know it blurs reality,just watch the episode of ‘THE AMERICAN SNIPER’ where the main character is sitting in the comfort of his home staring at the blank tv and replaying the firefight vividly in Iraq while ignoring the call from his wife to join the family gathering.I understand,I been there.Just remember,ELF was never around when the sinister character sitting ab adi Halo served you in a silver plate to those you hate with all your guts to be mauled,beheaded,organ harvested,sodomized,raped,traded like a commodity……..and even refuse to acknowledge that you are his product,as long as you you continue to ignore your assailant,you will stay in the above delirium for awhile.God bless your soul.

    • zeray October 23, 2016

      Are you too ignorant dumb because of a poor old age or of a lack of basic education?
      Assenna are telling you and your sick crock moslem brother with multiple names to simply to
      GET LOST. The simple and clear message to you and your likes rootless illegal cancerous moslem immigrants is that YOU DON’T BELONG ON ASSENNA OR IN ERITREA. Period.
      Simply get lost and just disappear to where ever that you belong or come from in the first place. Instead of crying, complaining, moaning and whining for nothing you should simply get lost and rot in your savage evil moslem hell where you belong savage moslem Arab dogs.
      You have your savage evil taliban websites like awte.islam, jeberti evil,islam where you could congregate with your type of savage moslem terrorist thugs and plan your next evil savage moslem destruction missions. So drill/get it into your brick savage evil moslem mushmush Arab dog head that YOU ARE NOT WELCOME or DO NOT BELONG on our civilian and pure Christian websites or Habesha Christian countries. You should be burned alive aregit kelbi areb.

      • k.tewolde October 23, 2016

        Be careful what you say Zeray,because there are a lot of our brothers and sisters who are living and working in the gulf states and the kingdom and supporting their families back home with their money and that includes the entire Asmara’s regime state machine that depends on their funding,don’t make it hard for them.

  • Hadas October 23, 2016

    ግርም ዝንበብ ዕላልን ቁምነገርን ዘለዋ መጽሓፍ፣ እሞኸኣ ኣድልዎ ሻራነት ዘይበዝሖ እንተኾይኑስ እዞም ኣፈቐዶ ፈይስቡክን ባልቶክን ነምስይ ዘላንስ እባ ኣይመጸላእናዮን። የግዳስ ደሓን ዝንበብ እንተኾይኑ ተርጎምቲ ከድልዩና እዮም፤ ዝበዝሐ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ማለት ልዕሊ ቴስዓ ካብ ሚእቲ ብንቋንቋታት ትግረ – ትግርኛ ጽቡቕ ጌሩ ስለ ዝርድኦን ዘኾምስዖን፤ ኣብ ትርጉም ቀልጥፉና። እንተ ብኻልእ ቋንቋታት እሞ ብቝንጣሮ እዮም፣ ነቶም ውሑዳት ኢንበርሲቲ ዝወፈሩ እንተዘይኮይኑ።
    ኣብዛ መጽሓፍ ከኣ፣ ከምቲ ልሙድ ብዛዕባ ጀብሃ ይኹን ገድሊ፣ ሕጂ ውን ጸጽብቑ ጥራይ ድዩ ተጽሒፉ ዘሎስ፣ እቲ ግናይ ምናይ ደገልን ረሰሓትን ናይ ታሪኽና ውን፣ ከምቲ ግብኡ ቦታ ተዋሂብዎ እዩ?
    ሓደ ሓደ ታሪኽ ኢሎም ዝሕንጥጥዎ መቸም ውራይ ናይዞም መኳንንቲ እዩ ዝመስል:- ጮማ ዝግንን ሜስን ጥራይ እዮም ዝቕርቡልካ። ታሪኽ ግና ውራይ መኳንንቲ ጥራይ ኣይኮነን፤ እንታይ ደኣ ደም ንብዓትን ረሃጽን ገባርን ደፋእ ድንኩልን ውን እዩ።

  • Simon G. October 23, 2016

    ንሕና ንፈልጥ: ጸሓፍቲ ብቋንቋኦም ይጽሕፉ ‘ሞ ደሓር ናብ ካልእ ቋንቋታት ይትርጎም። ናትና ድማ ብናይ ካል ኦት ቋንቋ ንጽሕፍ: ደሓር ናብ ናትና ቋንቋ ዘተርጉመልና ንደሊ።
    ኣቶ ሕሩይ ኣብ ኤርትራ ደይኮነን ዓብዩ? ትግርኛ ዶይኮነን ዝ ዛርብ? ኣብ ወጻኢ ‘ተዝዓቢ ወይድማ ተዛሪቡን ጽሒፉን ዘይክእል ተዝኸውን ካልእ ነገር ኔሩ።
    ስራሕና ዝኾነ ኩሉ ግርምቢጥ። ከም ሽንቲ ገመል ንድሕሪት ዶ መሲሉ ሓቀይ?

    • Bereket T. October 23, 2016

      This is just the temper tantrum of one angry hopeless Akeleguzetay.
      You are probably JUST rudely woken up from your rosy day dream of Akeleguzay.
      Blame him not, the biblical verse truly applied, for he knows not..
      Memhir Simeon of Zalambessa or Prof.Simon of Putin’s mafia Russia only knows about Akeleguzay books and Akeleguzay shits but nothing else about the rest of Eritrea.
      It will be a real waste of time and energy with no benefit at all to translate Mr H.T.Bairu’s book into your Akeleguzay books or language!!!!
      To me, all you say is vague. Can you for a second stop being a lousy retarded regionalist.

  • k.tewolde October 23, 2016

    I wonder if the tyrant wrote a book titled ‘MEIN KAMPF’ in Arabic which he is fluent in, what kind reaction he would get? applause!,genus,multilingual? Folks,how many Eritrean scholars in the opposition camp write articles and books in English?what makes Huruy different? and he already stated the translation is in progress.I don’t know Mr. Hruy personally,I was a foot soldier and him in the leadership,but I have a lot of respect for him for his lifetime dedication to the Eritrean cause.I am committed to speak the truth till the day I can’t speak no more,don’t get offended.

    • Simon G. October 23, 2016

      From the Nhna Nsu but Nsu Ane! However, not from the independent minded like me.
      Remember, Ato Hirus is so smart and so does Isayas Afewwerki. Intelegent doesn’t directly traslates to kindness.
      Be true to yourself, K. Tewolde!

      • k.tewolde October 24, 2016

        I am and always will be Simon,as for Hiruy,it is for the first time I leaned he is from the village GEREMI, he could have perfectly fit with the HGDEF mold.but he chose not to,so am I, a couple of hills to the east.Eritrea is a nation,a kaleidoscope of beautiful,diverse ethnic groups and no group is better or privileged that the other,that’s the national concept I fought for and this doesn’t have a radical jihadi element in it like the HGDEF schools teach their young pupils.

        • Simon G. October 24, 2016

          Brother k.tewolde,
          I think you misunderstood my comment.
          The topic here is about Ato Hiruy, why he chose to write in English rather than Tigrigna.
          If it was Isayas, I would have commented the same way, unless I am one of the Nhna Nsu animal farm herds.
          I understand your stand, experience (from few comments you have made) and I was thinking of you as a guy who has done more than his shares to our country.
          My comment was strictly to this comment only.
          With respect.

          • k.tewolde October 25, 2016

            I have nothing but respect for you too,Simon,after-all,we are from the same sand and fighting against this ruthless tyrant and his goofballs who deprived us of that pristine sand. .

    • Bereket T. October 23, 2016

      K.Tewelde, as usual well said brother and keep up your commitment to speaking the truth all the time. I too have tremendous respect for his life time dedication to the Eritrean cause. Don’t feel or get offended or discouraged by anyone especially by the confused Akeleguzetay.

  • Bereket T. October 23, 2016

    Kubur ayay Ato Hiruy Tedla Bairu
    Great speech., also looking great and healthy.
    I can’t wait to buy and read your long awaited book.
    Whether written in Swedish, Tigrigna, Chinese or even in Amharic, it will be sold out with no much sweat.
    Wishing you every happiness and best of health. Keep your smiling and good humor.