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Video Assenna: Book Launch in London; Introductory Remark by Hurei Tedla Bayru, 18 October, 2016

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  • Simon G. October 23, 2016

    Bereket T,
    Is that that why you have tremendous respect you have because as Foro 12 says the relationship they have wit Isayays? You sound the typical wedi Gerahtu?

    • Bereket T. October 24, 2016

      Simonino, you are not really making much of a sense here! What has Forto 12 and wedi Gerhatu got to do with this, and what do you mean by the relationship they have with Isaias and is that that why you have tremendous respect you have????????????? Write and make your point clearly, don’t they teach you properly in shanty Akeleguzay? Or is it a case of you only have pigs as teachers in your Akeleguzay with pigs books for reading?

  • Simon G. October 23, 2016

    A good friend once told me why Haile Selassie was recruiting all the damn Comondis from Anseba. I said why. He replied the are as damn as Dengola. And he addded why Isayas claims one of them and I said why. He said for the dame reason.

    • Bereket T. October 24, 2016

      Simon G
      Thank you but is this your best weak punch or shot as a response? I really waited for a middleweight punch or shot so that I would also respond with a heavyweight punch/shot.
      But now you’ve really disappointed me again and I don’t really know how to handle you I mean if it is going to be with a warning of ” handle gently – very fragile and sensitive Akeleguzetay object” thing!!
      Seriously Memhir Simeon of Menequsito, why don’t you come up with a sexy Akeleguzay book or film with your other confused retarded Akeleguzetay Mr Tadesse Kidane but with proper subtitles in Tigrigna as your Akeleguzay one is a weirdo alien to indigenous Eritreans.
      You know what someone said you are not fit to sleep with Akeleguzay pigs, I stuck up for you and said, oh yes, Simonino is super fit to sleep with the ugly Akeleguzay pigs.
      Simonino, you are truly a living proof that man can live without a brain. After all, you are not that stupid; you are just possessed by retarded Akeleguzay ghosts, but whatever is eating you – must be suffering horribly.
      Finally, I would ask you how old you are but I know you can’t count that high and you may need to use your Boolean algebra and the weirdo Akeleguzay calculus so forget about it but on our next mini-debate I promise to tell you a funny story about one zombie Akeleguzetay. Bye 4 now.

  • Elamana October 26, 2016

    Street talks for street boys .

  • Elamana October 26, 2016

    The size of sea is bigger than the size of earth . Some of you swam over your
    limit to fight for survival . Take it easy and enjoy life .