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Video Assenna: 2000 Justice Loving Eritreans from the US & Canada Made History in DC – May 24, 2013

Review overview
  • tateke May 25, 2013

    24/ 05/13 malte Natsenet zeykones malt mullah& zoba aden sebeysebkan eyu hzbe Eritrea ka bag tejaharember abtegbar kulu temekernalu feletnayo ena eseyas ka zgebro yeblun delayu zgebro hzbe terekebu haku kulu zgebero haku eyu kulu hzbe Eritrea shred alowo enteilu hakka

  • tateke May 25, 2013

    Wedgerahtu kneber kbel hasotat ynezeh alo
    Ab UK zelewa ketematat bakaba, gezageza endakede Mengste abel kgebrelkum eyu ajokum
    Men ykawem alo bmezgeb hazwom netom zesgeu endabele bwelke ab werhe 200 kabzetewahbu abalat haberom

  • Sirak May 25, 2013

    Thanks Ema!! እቲ ቁኑዕ ንውህብ ኩነት ኤርትራን ኤርትራውያንን ዝገልጽ ተረኽቦ’ዚ’ዩ፡፡ እንተ’ቲ ትማል ኣብ ከተማና ከተማ አስመራ ጨጓራ ንውሽጢ ኸዊላ ኣብ ቅድሚ ዝበስበሰ ዲክታቶር ኮይና ትስዕስዕ ዝነበረት ወዲ ኣዳም ኩላ ግን ብሓደ ገጽ ንዝጊ ይጥዓሞ ይኾን ብካልእ ገጽ ከኣ ዘይ’ዚ በዓል በዓልና’ዩ መዓስ በዓል ዲክታቶር ኢሳያስን ብኣጻብዕ ዝፍቀዱ ዓሳክሩን ኮይኑ፡፡ ዘይቲ ብኣሕዋትናን ኣሓትናን: ኣያታትናን ኣዴታትናን ዝመጸ ናጽነት’ዮም ጨውዮም ተመሊሶም ናብ ድቕድቕ ጸልማትና መሊሶምና፡፡ ግን ደሓን መጻኢና ብሩህ’ዩ ነዊሕ ተዓብ ዘለና’ውን ኣይመስለንን፡፡ ቃልስና ብውሽጥን ብግዳምን ኣወሃህድና ነሕጽሮ፡፡ ንሳቶም ኩሉ ተሓሊልዎም’ዩ፡፡ በቃ ኣብቂዖም’ዮም!!!

  • sabbe May 25, 2013

    I’m very proud of the energetic participants thumbs up to all my fellow peace seekers no matter what the rule of law will prevail keep up the pressure. Down down dictator.

  • Dawit Meconen May 25, 2013

    Genuine Eritreans must realize now that Isaias Afewerqi is a re-incarnate Alula, and he is doing all he can, by combinations of relenless butcheries, crippling intimidations, pernicious lies and deceptions, he is attempting to achieve the goal that Alula failed to accomplish.

    Any genuine Eritrean, who does not see Alula in Isaias Afewerqi, must be imbecile, who cannot see otherwise a very transparent phenomena. Though still in the Camp of the cult of Isaias whorshpers by reason of inertia, I have strong conviction that many Eritrean are catching up with that idea.

    Adhanom Gebremariam, the ex-ambassador, in his interview against Tesfai Temnewo, made it clear that Isaias Afewerqi long betrayed the Eritrean cause. Meles Zenawi 1990, in his secret interview with Paul Henze, also explicitedly stated that Isaias Afewerqi does not support Eritrean Independence and that he was limping along till the right time comes when he would make a bold move to put the forces under his control. The 1997-8 border skirmishes woyane instigated was carried out to serve that pupose. The unscrupulous Isaias Afewerqi seized the opportunity and he has been rolling it ever since.