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US Issues Travel Warning For Burundi, Eritrea

(RTTNews) - The United States has issued Travel Warnings advising its citizens of the risks of traveling to African countries of Burundi and Eritrea. In a Travel Warning update on Wednesday, US State Department said it

(RTTNews) – The United States has issued Travel Warnings advising its citizens of the risks of traveling to African countries of Burundi and Eritrea.

In a Travel Warning update on Wednesday, US State Department said it reiterates existing security concerns in Burundi, and that security restrictions on travel for US Embassy personnel in that country remain in place.

Because Burundi participates in peacekeeping operations in Somalia, the terrorist organization al-Shabaab, based in Somalia, has threatened to conduct terror attacks in Burundi. It may also target U.S. interests in Burundi, the State Department said.

Crime, often committed by groups of armed bandits or street children, poses the highest risk for foreign visitors to Burundi, especially in the capital, Bujumbura. The U.S. Embassy has received reports of armed criminals ambushing vehicles, particularly on the roads leading out of Bujumbura. The U.S. Embassy prohibits U.S. government personnel from walking on the streets after dark and from using local public transportation at any time. Due to a lack of resources, local authorities in any part of Burundi are often unable to provide timely assistance during an emergency.

The U.S. Embassy continues to caution U.S. citizens that travel outside Bujumbura presents significant risks, especially after nightfall. The U.S. Embassy restricts travel of its personnel in Burundi. Within 30 km of the city, Embassy employees may travel in single vehicles, but must check in and out with the Embassy. The Embassy’s Regional Security Officer (RSO) must pre-approve all Embassy personnel travel outside this approximately 30-km radius of Bujumbura, and employees must travel via an approved itinerary in two-vehicle convoys equipped with satellite phones and emergency equipment. All employee movement outside the city after dark is forbidden; the Embassy recommends that U.S. citizens not travel on national highways from dusk to dawn. U.S. citizens are also encouraged to avoid traveling within the city of Bujumbura after midnight.

U.S. citizens who travel to or remain in Burundi despite this Travel Warning are urged to contact the U.S. Embassy in Bujumbura for information on the latest Embassy security guidance, and to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) so they can receive the most up-to-date security information.

In a separate Travel Warning update, the U.S. State Department strongly recommended U.S. citizens to defer all travel to Eritrea.

The Eritrean government continues to restrict the travel of all foreign nationals. These restrictions require all visitors and residents, including U.S. diplomats, to apply 10 days in advance for permission to travel outside Asmara’s city limits. Permission is rarely granted. As a result, the U.S. Embassy is extremely limited in its ability to provide emergency consular assistance outside of the capital city of Asmara.

Although there have been no specific incidents of violence targeting U.S. citizens, they are urged to exercise caution, stay current with media coverage of local events and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

U.S. citizens are strongly advised to avoid travel near the Eritrean-Ethiopian border and the Southern Red Sea region. U.S. citizens should be aware of the presence of large numbers of Eritrean and Ethiopian troops along the Eritrean-Ethiopian border and of political and military tensions between the two countries.

U.S. citizens on ships and sailing vessels are strongly advised not to sail off the Eritrean coast nor to attempt to dock in Eritrean ports or travel through Eritrean waters. They are also urged to avoid remote Eritrean islands, some of which may be used for Eritrean military training and could therefore be unsafe.

U.S. citizens choosing to travel to Eritrea despite this Travel Warning have been urged to obtain an Eritrean visa before their arrival. Persons arriving in Eritrea without a visa are generally refused admission and returned on the next flight back to their point of origin. The Embassy urges Eritrean-U.S. dual citizens to obtain an Eritrean visa in their U.S. passport before traveling to Eritrea and to enter the country as U.S. citizens. Eritrean-U.S. dual citizens who enter Eritrea with an Eritrean ID card may find it difficult to obtain the required visa to legally exit the country. The Embassy cautions travelers not to stay beyond the period of time granted at the time of admission by Eritrean Immigration.

The U.S. Embassy in Asmara strongly encouraged U.S. citizens who travel to or remain in Eritrea despite this Travel Warning to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) so that they can receive the most up-to-date security information.

by RTT Staff Writer

Review overview
  • April 19, 2012

    All information are lie and untrue. there is no any country free and peace in the world like asmara/eritrea. where even woman can walk freely in the middle of night. No crime, no corruption. this is intentinally desighned to discredie and misleading other countries as if eritrea is chaos. It is sad to hear this kind of information base on unfounded and speculation from great nation.

    • hama-sinai April 19, 2012

      You look like esayas,
      ‘It is a lie, it is a lie, … ‘ many times when asked by an al jazera journalist. She also asked him, ‘your football team … has asked asylum’, it is a lie, it is the CIA…

      You have copied him very well

      • hayelom worede April 19, 2012

        hama-sina hamam agame, qumalka qdim algis ms PIA kitizareb ente koinka.

        • hama-sinai April 20, 2012

          H. Werada,
          The old saying goes like this, ‘nayasiya nhamata’
          You are well known for SIDETEGNA and LMANO. Beggin for ASYLUM. The whole world knows this fact.
          How many of you are on SDET and LIMANO? Who is suffering on the sinai?
          Where are your 70 000 SIDUDAT living. is that not with the support of agame? You may say ‘they are not eritreans’
          You will again say ‘IT IS A LIE’. You, #1 liers in the world.
          If you once again try to destablize our boarder that will be the end of your dictatorial regime and your all DIRTY BEHAVIOUR. You will no more be allowed to bahve wildely. period!
          The only option left to you is to insult respected people ‘being behind computer screen’. If you try to do something in practice, you will pay the price.
          But those of you who are insulting people are few and do not represent eritrea. we will fight and dismiss you.

        • April 20, 2012

          You are just one misrable guy, have you recently gone through a divorce or something? By insulting people what do you really want to accomplish? go to Sawa and shoot an AK 47, that will help you blow up your anger a bit.

      • April 19, 2012

        You are null and empty he is not talking about asylum he is talking about how Asmara is safe. Because of you are individual angry crazy person you try to distract from the point. I myself safer in Asmara than where i am living in America where the drug and gun involving every fraction of minutes. You don’t know how many people innocent have been in vain and cold blooded.Even People they cannot walk and enjoy wherever they want. Many neighborhood are dangerous to live and to work. Because of you are selfish and woyanie puppet you shouldn’t denied the fact what happening in the ground in Asmara shikor. stay peace and don’t be fish wife!!!!!

        • Aman Andom April 20, 2012

          Agamino..Then Why don’t you go back and live there? Zereba Tiray

        • April 20, 2012

          I see crime is an issue where you live in America and you worry for your safety, may I suggest you move to Asmera or even Sawa, you will be much safer there.

    • April 20, 2012

      You are right, no crime in Asmera, the reason is the rigime has a monopoly on crime and moreover there is nothing left to steal because Issayas has robbed the people already.

  • Dr Haile April 19, 2012

    These restrictions must be extended to all Euro-Eritrea and dual other countries nationals because the same reason is applied in Eritrea. Going without visa or using an Eritrean ID can be very very dangerous. More than 500 people were banned from acquiring exit visa during 1998 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Do not forget the same thing would happen now.

  • Dawit April 20, 2012

    The state department in its report charges Eritrea of restricting foreigners from freely travelling inside Eritrea. When we translate the State Department’s claim into tigrina it means that Eritrea treats both Eritreans in Eritrea and foreigners equally when it comes to freedom of movement. As it has issued “menkesakesi ” to Eritreans inside Eritrea, it also wants the diplomats and foreigners to apply for permission to travel outside of Asmara. In short, the Eritrea government will start issuing “menkesakesi” to foreigners as well. But, what led the United States to issue travel restriction?

    The state department’s report advises Americans (including Eritrean Americans) to follow news media (including local media I suspect) related to the Eritrean government.Does it mean that the CIA has picked from the local media credible information that can put American citizens in danger? Hmmm…..Let’s think for a second what happened recently.

    Ethiopia successfully attacked Eritrea inside Eritrea three times demonstrating that it can attack Eritrea in any place and at any time. What ensued after the attack is interviews conducted by Issyas Afaf with his propaganda machine “TV ER”, and Mr. Ali Abdu , with VOA. In his snub interview, Ali Abdu echoed Issayas policy towards the United State . He said in effect that Eritrea is waging war against the United States for Attacking Eritrea using Ethiopia. The US therefore had to take precaution to protect its…

  • April 20, 2012

    Mr Agamino! so what are you waiting fore? Why don’t you go to your boss tha he said the sun will not raise if we are defeated in Badme. Entay sidki kitrekb de a abzi America tinebr ??
    Agamino : are you preparing to go to Eritrea with General Sofia Tesfamariam to fight weyane ??
    Enda dictator gudkum zeywuda-e , Americas ya n,hayal eritrea wegian /tiwegen ala ?
    Gena gud kinseme ena!!!!!!!!!

  • Wey Gud April 20, 2012

    Note te following:

    – Although there have been no specific incidents of violence targeting U.S. citizens,……..
    -U.S. citizens are strongly advised to avoid travel near the Eritrean-Ethiopian border and the Southern Red Sea region.-…..



  • Wey Gud April 20, 2012




    • April 20, 2012

      Wey Gud
      What good is there in Eritrea, if it was all good news in Eritrea , you would have been living there you poor “Sedetgna”.

  • AHAAHADU1 April 20, 2012

    agamino endihir ab asmara safer koynulka kab America men hizuka zeytikeyd but you r a lier kkkkkk this is fabrication kkkkkkkkkk dehar dima bizaeba asylem kihitet kelo nikulu is a lie elu melisu eyu zibleka zelo ember bizaiba asylem iykonen ditezarebeka crazy baelika eka ebidbid elka hasot newi kaby eka temahirkayo kab kusto kkkkkkkkkk bel tim bel dehar dima etom qomalat tiblom baelika haquifkayom aleka bruto facia loqmexmex gidef.Asmera selam endezikewin men mitesedede men ab bahri hiwetu mitefie mesleka selam yelen hasot gidefuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 20, 2012

    DAWIT ,
    Excellent analysis ,….One thing I have learned about Ethiopias next move is following some articles on aiga forum …the Ethiopian govt. prepares it´s next move . .From what I have read on aiga forum the top ,titled, “Meles accuses Eritrea….” on the foot note printed in red color(IN A FORM OF RECOMMENDATION-COMMENT) ….makes me suspect ,ETHIOPIA MAY BE THINKING ,OF RESTORING THE 25 KM BUFFER ZONE…SO FAR I HAVE READ SUCH “SUGGESTIONS” twice …..WELL, WE WILL SEE. According To Papa Isaias ,the “brown Americans” of horn of Africa ,the Woyane/Ethiopians…..will be culpable.

  • Dawit April 20, 2012

    Shaebi, Nay Zebana goblel, thinks it can take on the most powerful nation on earth, the United States. It believes that Ethiopia has become a mercenary for the United States so it wants to take on the United States instead of Ethiopia. As the snub (Ali Abdu) said ,”kab guyiy MuWAaL kisad MIhaz”. We will see if shaebia can send a blow to knockout the United States with its advanced laser guided missiles, air craft carriers, bombers, and predator aircraft to mention but a few. You see..shaebia still exudes an air of superiority until the United States or another nations put it in its right place.

    • April 20, 2012

      You are so funny dude. When Hillary was asked why Isayas fears being killed by an American missile, she replied that he should have no fear because the US is not going to waste a 100,000$ Tomhawk on a guy who is worth 10 Nafka.

      • Dawit April 20, 2012

        Yonas, you are right on the money. The United States is a lion if and when pocked roars and flexes its muscle and destroys everything in its path. The recent military adventures in Afganistan and Iraq demonstrate US’s underlying potential elements to unseat and occupy any nation on earth at any time. It is a force to be reckoned with. It is not wise to mess with the Lion.

  • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 20, 2012


    እዚኣ እያ ደስ ዘይትብለኒ ናይ ኣሜሪካውያን ፣ ንኣብነት ናይ ኤርትራስ፣ ዘፍርህ ነገር የለን ። እወ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ንብዙሕ ህዝቢ ኣብ ቤት ማእሰርቲ እንዳ ዳጎነ…ንሓደ ክልተ ቀቢላታት ,ሃይማኖታትን , ኣውራጃታትን….ብፍሉይ መገዲ እናቐተለ..ካብ ኣውራጅኦም እናውጽኤ ናብ ጸምጸም በረኻ ሰብ ዘይራኸበሉ remote area,እናስፈረ , ነቲ ማእከል, ብሕልፍኢ እኳ ነቲ ብ12 ኪሎ ሜተር ከባቢ/radius ዝነብር ህዝቢ ድማ ,እዛ መንግስቲ ናቶም ስለ ዝኾነት ,.ካብ ደቀያይን/ኣከለጉዛይን ,ሓምሻይ መስርዕን “ንኸድሕንዋን ክሕልዉዋን” ብስሩዓቱ ጌሩ ብታሕቲ ታሕቲ ,ብጣዕሚ ሓደገኛ…ዝኾነ መልእኽትታት እንተ ኣተሓላለፈ,…..ነቶም ሱዳን ዝተሰደዱ ብሕልፊ ኣስላም ድማ ,ካብ ሱዳን ,ብሜላ ,ዓዶም ኣትዮም መሬቶም ከይሓቱ…ምእታው ዝኸልኦም…ኣብ ርእሲ እታ ቁስሊ ድማ,ብዕንጨይቲ ዝጎዳድኣ …ነቲ ብግዜ ጃንሆይን ደርግን ,ሓዲጎሞ ዝሃደሙ ,ገዛውትን መሬትን “ንእሙናት ከበሳውያን”..ብምዕዳል…”የልምዖ” ስለ ዘሎ ,ተሪር ተቓውሞ ዘይብሉ ዓዲ ,..መንግስቲ ብሃንደበት እንተትዓልወ እቶም መሬቶም ዝተወስዶም….ኣብ ጎኒ ኮይኖም …ዒድ ኣልፈጥር ወይ ፋስጋ ክሳዕ ዝመጹ ኣይክጽበዩን እዮም .!!!!!!!!ንብረቶምን መሬቶምን ስለ ዝኾነ!!!…እዚ ኩሉ ኣብ ላዕሊ ዝገለጽክዎ…”ናይ ዘይትኣደነ ውግእ ሓድሕድ”A RECIPE FOR TOTAL CIVIL WAR, ኮይኑ ንነዊሕ ዓመታት ብዙሕ ደም ከፍስስ ይኽእል እምበር ….ካልእ ዝገብሮ ነገር የልቦን ,ካልእ ´ውን እቶም ሰብ ብረት ,ተደፊኦም, ሰባት ካብ ወጻኢ መጺኦም ክዋራዘዩን,ክፍስሑን … ካልኦት ሃብታማት “ጥብሲን ጥረን ምስ ብላክ ሌበል” ,ከቋስዩ ከለዉ, እዞም ኣብ ማሕበር ሸፋቱ/ሙዳዳ ዝነበሩ ይኹኑ ኣብ ድፋዕ ዝኣርጉ ዘለዉ….ሕርቕርቖት ኣብቲ ብቅሳነት ዝነበረ ህዝብን ,ብገንዘብ ደቁ ዘውጽኤ ብዓል ገንዘብን ሕርቃኖም ከውጽኡ ይኽእሉ..ምዝራፍ ምቕታል…ኣብ ቅድሚኦም ዝጸንሕዎም ወጻእተኛታት ድማ ….ገንዘቦም ንምዝራፍን ኣንስቶም ንምዕማጽን, ንድሕሪት ኣይክብሉን እዮም…ማለት እምበር, ካልእ ዝገብርዎ ነገር ኣይህሉን ,ይብል ኣነ!!! .ዝሓረቑ ቀቢላታትን እቲ ኣብዝሓ /majority ቀቢላ ስቕ ኢሉ ስለ ዝርኣየ ነዚ ዕግርግር ተጠቒሞም……ነቲ ህውከት ዘዋዓውዕዎ “ኣኽረርቲ”ውልቀ ሰባት ሰባት ስለ ዝህልዉ ,ኣብ ኤርትራ irreversable total chaos…..ክህሉ ብዙሕ ዘየጠራጥር ክኸውን እኳ እንተኽ ኣለ…

    • Ahmed saleh April 20, 2012

      Poor Eritreans don’t you know Eritreans beyond Keren in
      METAHT and beyond SEGHENEYTI in AKELEGUZAY were
      administered under MARHAL LAW until Badme war .
      Now they are applying again in extension beyond the
      outskirt of Asmera. Restrictions to take control of any
      outsider movements is to cover up their ill mannered
      governance . How do they expect to boost Eritrea’s
      tourism enterprise with police state policy .

      • Ahmed saleh April 20, 2012

        Read as; Marshal Law.

        • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 20, 2012

          Brother Ahmed ,
          When good people tell me , I know & we come to solution. It is not my wish ,and I hope it never happens ,but,… in 1991 ,would you have thought, PFDJ would massacre…his own veterans ???I hope you got my whole probablity ,ugly scenario .Some body had to sound the possible alarm !!!

          • ahmed saleh April 20, 2012

            Well that massacre of disabled veterans was the
            turning point not to trust the leadership of Shaebia.
            At the same time I was following the activities of
            their security in Adi Keyeh , Senaafe and Keren. I
            use to tell my close friends do not trust them this
            is Mafioge. Just be patience you will hear many sad
            stories under the hand these thugs. Frankly speaking my friend Christian highlanders gave them
            silent sign to continue their crime. M…… lets be
            open as brothers, Asmeranians the ones who are more awared with little consciousnes couldn’t show
            courage to defend the weaks, there was a problem right there. Sewra decieved us well to play on our
            head. At this momement all of us are losers. Hope
            nobody get offended I’m speaking what I feel freely.